How to Read a Book (Video)

how to read a bookI have always been on the side of scientific progress, but even I will acknowledge that there’s an inevitable side effect to new technologies replacing old: lost skills. For example, as cars replaced buggies fewer people were trained to make horsewhips.

That is why I am pleased that I came across this video the other day. It shows how to read a paper book, including all the steps from picking a book to opening it (that was a toughie) to turning the page. Speaking as someone who has discarded most of his physical book collection, I could easily see a day when the following instructional video could be useful.

This video is the work of Hilary Commer, and she made it for her Intro to Visual Media class at Abilene Christian University.

It’s simply hilarious, and some of the assumptions of the actors in the video are quite familiar. A few months back I wrote a post detailing one of my funny stories when I forgot how to use a book, and some of the comments left by readers remind me of this instructional video.




  1. David8 July, 2013

    Reminds me of the classic Norwegian helpdesk sketch. A version with english subtitles is available here:

    but it is even funnier if you understand norwegian.

  2. fahirsch8 July, 2013

    “The fun they had”

    1. Nate Hoffelder8 July, 2013


    2. fjtorres8 July, 2013

      No mention of bullying, schoolyard fights, corporal punishment, or nuke attack drills.
      Things were so much better in the 50’s. 🙂


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