Sony Adds Mood-Matching to Their eBook Marketing Repertoire

header[1]Sony has been trying novel marketing techniques for a few months now and today they pulled a new trick out of their sleeve. There is a new webpage in the Sony Reader Store where Sony pitches ebooks based on your current mood.

Feeling sneaky? Try a Daniel Silva novel. Feeling fashionable? I’m not sure how exactly one would feel fashionable, but Sony wants you to read a Danielle Steel romance. How about Undead? Try a novel about vampire-humper Anita Blake.


Sony has been putting more and more attention into their ebookstore over the past year, including by being one of the first ebookstores to add an Epub3 section, adding new reviews from iDreambooks, and by testing unusual marketing ideas like infographics.

This international conglomerate has been into ebooks on and off since 2004 but never had much success with ereaders. That could be why they have lately turned their attention to apps running on their smartphones and tablets. Sony’s current ebook efforts now closely resembles Apple’s interest in ebooks, where content is valued more for the hardware it runs on than for its own sake.

Sony Reader Store

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  1. Al the Great and Powerful7 August, 2013

    Another reason I avoid Sony.

    I’ll shop for what I want, I don’t want and didn’t request Sony’s guess about what I want to buy… when I say I want to look at books I want to see the whole list, not some algorithm-shaped subset.

    Since I don’t trust Sony’s decision-making ability (based on previous problems, like their rootkit, and retroactively disabling their consoles, and so on), I’ll just avoid the whole Sony shopping experience.


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