New IndieGogo Project Wants to Fund a 6″ E-ink Monitor

e-ink minitorAre you in the market for a $99 6″ E-ink monitor?

If so then may I suggest that you go get a Nook Glow, hack it, and use it as a wireless monitor. At $99 it offers a frontlight and Android, so it’s not a bad deal.

But if you’re looking for a solution that requires less work and is also less convenient then you might be interested in a new IndieGogo project that E-Ink Info uncovered.

A Chinese startup is looking to raise $2,000 to fund an initial order for what they are calling the “world’s first E-ink computer monitor”. It isn’t the first, nor is this a good design. But if you have $99 to waste then this might interest you.

e-ink minitor

This so-called E-ink computer monitor is nothing more than a 6″ ereader which communicates with your PC over a USB cable. It’s available at a couple price points.

Both models run Linux and will work as a basic ereader with PDF and EPub support. In terms of hardware, the $99 has an HD E-ink screen (1024×758 resolution), frontlight, 4 GB of Flash storage, and a microSD card slot. There’s also a more basic device for $79, but it lacks the frontlight and it only has a regular Pearl E-ink screen (600×800 resolution).

20130817003511-complete_device[1]Both models have Wifi, but you won’t be able to use the Wifi to make the ereader into a wireless monitor. That would be cool, but unfortunately the developers configured the ereaders so they can only work as a monitor when plugged in via USB. That means that the ereader will only get as far away from your computer as the length of a USB cable, which will limit its usefulness.

So is this worth $99?

I don’t think so. If this were a wireless monitor, maybe. Or if this was a 10″ monitor, absolutely.  But as it stands I don’t think this is going to be terribly useful.

P.S. This is also not new. Here’s a video from April 2012 showing a Kindle DX hacked to serve the same purpose. And here’s a video from August 2012 showing a similar trick with a Kobo Touch. And here’s an even older video from February 2010 that shows a hacked 5″ ereader being used as a second monitor.

If you like, I could show you a half dozen other examples I found on Youtube, but i think I made my point.


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  1. Destination Infinity22 August, 2013

    I hope to see a 13″ color eInk monitor someday, so that I can throw this LCD monitor. Wait, break it into million pieces before I throw it, for complete satisfaction. C’mon Chinese, go for it 🙂

  2. chris swanner17 December, 2013

    SOL Computer makes the SOL Vision. It is a stand alone Pixel Qi external monitor that has a backlight on/off switch. It connects to any device, iPhone, iPad, computer, GoPro, tablet or video camera. It also acts as an e-ink monitor for people who have computer vision syndrome. It has rechargeable batteries and can last up to 20hrs.

  3. CBR un eReader que además puede ser monitor25 November, 2014

    […] Fuente – The Digital Reader […]


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