Netronix Shows Off a 6″ E-ink eReader Running Android (video)

netronix e-ink androidCharbax is back again with a new video showing gadgets no one else gets to put their hands on.

This time around he caught up with Taiwan-based ereader and tablet maker Netronix, and he brought a camera person with him. The audio quality isn’t all that great but this video is worth watching just for the Android based ereader shown at about 1:10.

The ereader has an IR touchscreen and it’s running an unknown version of Android on a Freescale i.MX507 CPU. That CPU is one that Freescale developed specifically for E-ink devices and it includes the screen controller chip as an integrated component.

netronix e-ink android

If you ask me this new Netronix ereader bears a striking resemblance to the Crema Shine ereader which launched in South Korea earlier this month. It too ran Android, and at the time I had no info on the manufacturer. Of course, a superficial resemblance means little but Crema had to buy the hardware from someone.

This is the first time that I have heard that Netronix is working with Android on E-ink, much less that they had shipped 100,000 units in the past year. Now I understand why the hardware team behind the Earl back-country E-ink tablet said in July that there were 3 Chinese companies who could make an E-ink Android tablet. Clearly Netronix is one, Onyx is the second, and the third slot is taken up by a company that does not wish to be named.

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  1. Lila Phillips26 August, 2013

    When & where will we able to buy one of these? So handy for those of us with glare problems on regular computer screens!

  2. djrichard26 August, 2013

    So that’s what Charbax looks like 🙂

    If somebody would just come out with something like this in a 9.7″ or bigger form factor, I’d be ready to roll.

    1. djrichard26 August, 2013

      And by “this”, I meant the android tablet. Need to stave off all you smart alecks out there.


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