Shenzhen Jren Shows Off 4.3″, 6″ eReaders and a 9.7″ Retina Display Tablet (video)

Shenzhen Jren Shows Off 4.3", 6" eReaders and a 9.7" Retina Display Tablet (video) e-Reading Hardware Here's more gadget news that didn't come from IFA-Berlin. Charbax caught up with one of the many gadget makers from Shenzhen, China, earlier this week and got to see some of their newest ereaders.

Shenzhen Jren is a Chinese OEM, and they have several ereader models in their stable, including a 4.3" model and the 6" model shown at right. Later in the video we also see a few tablets, including a 7" model with an Allwinner CPU and one of the many Retina display tablets available in China.

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  1. I lived in Shenzhen for 5 years. The city was embarking on a media advertising campaign focusing on the city’s love of reading. This was around the time I moved out of there a few months ago.

    At the same time I couldn’t search eBooks on Amazon, they simply didn’t exist without a VPN. Slowly but surely the jade gates will open to foreign eBooks, and then like capitalism did, they’ll flood in, although with Chinese characteristics of course.

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  1. Shenzhen se mete en el eReader y en el IFA-Berlin

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