Pocket for iOS7 Automatically Syncs Articles in the Background

pocket logoPocket rolled out an update for their iPad and iPhone app that fixes iOS7 compatibility issues while also adding several cool features.

The new version of the app features an improved and cleaner looking layout, and Pocket is also promising that it will be more responsive.

Other improvements include a new background sync option which will enable to app to download your reading lost in the background, even while the app is closed. This requires iOS7, and luckily it is optional so you can turn it off in order to better control bandwidth usage.

Pocket has also drastically changed the reading experience by first improving the layout and typography, which ensures that headers, images and paragraphs all flow together seamlessly. They’ve also changed the app so it will switch to full screen mode when you start scrolling in Article View, and Pocket has fixed the long-running justification problem.

The Pocket app now offers a new justified text mode that includes hyphenation. Don’t like a ragged right appearance of left justified text or the big gaps created by (poorly rendered) full justified text? Then this should please you:


According to the Pocket blog, this new hyphenation option is only available for about 70% of the content currently in Pocket. They’re working to increase support and plan to offer it for all content.

And finally, Pocket also mentions that the app also now does a better job of automatically adjusting the layout and formatting settings when you change text size.

The app is available now in iTunes.



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