Notion Ink Quietly Releases New Android Tablet, And It’s No Adam II

Notion ink MB-OXMany a tech blogger is eagerly awaiting this high profile gadget maker’s second Android tablet, and I think most will be disappointed by what I just found.

A new Notion Ink tablet has shown on Indian retail websites. It looks nothing like the Adam II tablet with its 10″ LCD screen and an auxiliary  grayscale screen; in fact the new tablet looks like pretty much every other generic Chinese Android tablet I’ve seen.

The NIMBX tablet is running Android 4.1.1 on a dual-core 1.5GHz CPU with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, microSD card slot, Wifi, and Bluetooth. It also has a pair of 2MP cameras, a 10.1″screen (1280×800), speaker/mike, USB host, HDMI out, and a 6Ah battery.

All in all this is a rather unimpressive tablet, and it is going to be selling for an unimpressive 10999 rupees, or about $177 USD.

Notion ink MB-OX

This tablet looks nothing like Notion Ink’s first tablet, the Adam, nor does it look like the Adam II. That tablet has a much blockier design with sharp corners, squared off edges, and a cool secondary display.

But the NIMBX does have very similar specs to the Adam II.  It has the same screen resolution, CPU, storage, and cameras. In fact, aside from the shell this is essentially the Adam II.

The similarities in terms of hardware specs make me think the tablet shown above could be a design that Notion Ink licensed with the intention of turning it into the Adam II. If it is then it was going to get a new shell and would likely also have customized software.

The Adam II will also have a secondary display. I still don’t know the resolution but the screen will be based on STN screen tech (an old monochrome type of LCD):

notion ink adam II 3

But I’m not so sure that the NIMBX is going to become the ADAM II. Notion Ink’s flagship tablet has gained its CE certification, bringing it one step closer to being sold in Europe, only I don’t think it’s going to have specs similar to the NIMBX.

I don’t have any current info on the Adam II, but I would bet that Notion Ink will upgrade the specs before they ship it. The Adam II was announced in May 2013 and at the time it had so-so specs, but now the hot tablets all run quad-core Tegra CPUs or Snapdragon CPUs. they also have screen resolutions twice as sharp as the 1280×800 mentioned above.

Adam II used to be a hot name, but the specs now place it firmly among the budget tablets. Notion Ink will have to do better if they want to charge a premium price for the Adam II.


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  1. Karthik Kanniyappan15 December, 2013

    This is a weong info, see the site for Adam 2

    1. Nate Hoffelder16 December, 2013

      This post is several months old and covers a tablet that Notion Ink actually did release.

  2. Karthik Kanniyappan16 December, 2013

    Did they actually release that one ?? I guess no. After 3 years ,they launched just this month a week ago only.. The picture depicted was just a rumour and nothing else …

      1. Karthik Kanniyappan17 December, 2013

        Ohhh.. Never heard this.. This design looks very average ….


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