Pocketbook’s 8″ Color eReader is Out of Stock

Itcolor_lux_ru_0-728x441 looks like Pocketbook’s second attempt at a color ereader may have been more successful than their first.

Actualitte is reporting that Pocketbook has run out of the Pocketbook Color Lux. This was the first and only 8″ ereader to use a Triton color E-ink screen, and it seems to be selling rather well.

This ereader was unveiled in Russia in April 2013, and it shipped in Europe in the middle of July. It was equipped with a frontlight and touchscreen on top of an 8″ Triton E-ink screen (800 x 600 resolution).  It also had Wifi, a microSD card slot, and it ran Pocketbook’s own proprietary brand of Linux on an 800MHz CPU. The color screen supported 4096 shades ranging from a light gray to black (here’s why).

pocketbook color lux

Pocketbook has not offered an explanation for why they took this ereader off the market but I can add that they removed it in less time than they took to release it.

The Color Lux was on the market a mere 3 months before it ran out. And yes, it is OOS everywhere; I double checked and it doesn’t seem to be available on any of Pocketbook’s retail sites. Also, the product listing on Pocketbook’s website says that it is unavailable.

Pocketbook has not offered any details about the number sold; just that it is out of stock. I wonder whether it will be back in stock at some point?

I would not be surprised if it isn’t. I never put my hands on the Touch Lux but based on my experience with the Jetbook Color I would bet that readers found the color screen on this device disappointing. Thanks to the way this screen was built the color quality and resolution left a lot to be desired. The colors were faded at best, and the screen resolution was much lower than what could be achieved on a 7″ Android tablet.

I am also not sure there were very many people who bought one; it was set to sell in Russia for 9990 rubles (about $310USD). Needless to say, I think an Android tablet is a better value.


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  1. Iaminvincible13 October, 2013

    Tablets might be better value, but you can’t read on them in sunlight. It seems a lot of people want color e-ink.

    On another note, it seems a lot of innovation is coming out of Russia.

    1. Nate Hoffelder13 October, 2013

      Reading in sunlight is a great way to get sunburned. And I’m not sure I really believe that very many people spend enough time outdoors to actually need this reading option.

      1. Ralph Hummel13 October, 2013

        Oh yeah, I do. I work too much time inside, so whenever I get a 5 minute break I get outside and read…. 🙂

    2. Georges Huberty14 October, 2013

      Well, it’s the Ukraine, more exactly. PocketBook central is located in Switzerland, btw.

  2. Ralph Hummel13 October, 2013

    I would second both statements. It’s just a shame that most of the conceptual designs made in Russia never make it (or seem to) outside the country.

  3. Name13 October, 2013

    I wasn’t aware of a first attempt of theirs. Which other colour EPD device did they sell? As for the PB Color Lux, the main problem that I see with it is its low pixel density. The RockthEink SDK folks list the 8 inch color EPD for $149. This would make you assume that making cheap devices that use it is not yet possible. However, I won’t pay €249 for the PB Color Lux. The pixel density is just too bad.

    1. Nate Hoffelder13 October, 2013

      Their first color ereader never hit the market. It was supposed to use a Mirasol screen but Qualcomm never solved the production and QA issues.

      Here is the leaked press release from 2010:

  4. Georges Huberty14 October, 2013

    We may be out of stock, but we will receive more readers soon (in a few weeks time). So we will continue the production of this reader until a new model will be ready. We are very pleased about the number of readers sold so far and by the quality of theses readers.

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