B&N’s New Nook eReader Cleared the FCC

nook fcc bnvr500aBarnes & Noble has had a troubled history with hardware development, sometimes releasing a device that was ahead of the market (Nook Color) and sometimes releasing gadgets no one wants to buy (Nook HD) but that hasn’t stopped them.

Their latest gadget cleared the FCC last night and it looks to be an ereader.

B&N has taken the cautious step of hiding all the images and the more interesting details, so all I know at the moment is that this device, the BNRV500-A, was tested for Wifi and has a rectangular shape. According to the tests it has 4GB of storage and a 1.5Ah battery.

nook fcc bnvr500a

I can’t find any mentions in the test reports of screen size or resolution, frontlight, or card slot, but one report does include a diagram which suggests that the new device has the same general proportions as the Nook Touch and Nook Glow. The model number is the same as that of the Nook Touch, which is a sign that we are looking at an ereader.

B&N is probably going to replace the existing Nook Touch with the new model, and they are probably going to launch it in the next few days or weeks.

I am also expecting to see a new tablet from B&N. I have seen numerous leaks including listings for a BT keyboard, a new Nook for Dummies book, and new accessories, and I also have numerous inside sources that say that a tablet is coming. The latest info is that this time around B&N’s tablet will have at least one camera.

There’s no new info on when the gadgets are going to launch, but my sources had told me that it was supposed to have happened already.


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  1. Tyler21 October, 2013

    Plus they just put the Nook HD on sales again for this week.

    1. Nate Hoffelder21 October, 2013

      And everything else.

  2. uihz21 October, 2013

    A reader with Bluetooth would be nice. I found the lack of a camera in the Nook tablets to be an advantage, actually, but sure, they’re going with the trend. I wonder who actually uses a tablet to make videos and pictures. As if it weren’t enough that each smatphone already comes with one or two of these crappy mini cameras.

  3. steve21 October, 2013

    Nice find, Nate. Looking at this story, I remember another story about a rumor you passed along awhile back (although I know you didn’t put much faith in it at the time) about BN working on a firmware update that would add functionality to their NOOK Touch line of readers, basically turning them into low end tablets.

    Well, that update hasn’t materialized, at least not yet, but maybe there was a grain of truth to the rumor, and that’s this device in the works now.

    1. Nate Hoffelder21 October, 2013

      I doubt that older rumor has anything to do with this device. It had a specific time frame and involved last year’s hardware.

      it also didn’t come true.

      1. steve21 October, 2013

        I would argue that it might. It’s too soon to say anything definite, but that story about a NOOK Touch tablet was from May; they could have been kicking around a few prototypes then, contemplating their options.

        Then the news got leaked, but garbled, and people got the idea that BN was releasing a firmware update, when actually they were going to upgrade the NOOK Touch line instead. Maybe.

  4. wayne leong21 October, 2013

    Roaming thru a Target store yesterday, and noticed they had a secret clearance on some Nook HD cases for $12.00 .

    1. Richard Lerner26 October, 2013

      Desperation. B&N is seriously underperforming the sector.

  5. Fbone21 October, 2013

    They’ll wait until the afterglow of Apple’s event passes to announce it.

  6. kib221 October, 2013

    Let me dream:

    – under Android 4 for using whatever reader you like (Moon+, Mantano, Aldiko, etc.);
    – better dictionary support, that shouldn’t be too difficult as there was only one English;
    – a better frontlight with a nice contrast;
    – HD resolution 1024×768;
    – keeping the physical buttons;
    – you can buy it anywhere in Europe
    – same price as the new Kindle.

    1. Jeremy24 October, 2013

      CHEAPER than the new kindle!

      1. Richard Lerner26 October, 2013

        Ya gets what ya pays for.

  7. fjtorres21 October, 2013

    Any idea what the bumps on the perimeter might be?
    It’s ergonomically odd.
    (A snap on cover?)

    1. Nate Hoffelder21 October, 2013

      No idea. I wish i knew.

      1. Name21 October, 2013

        Might be cover clip, since the device seems to be a little smaller than the current model.

        1. Nate Hoffelder21 October, 2013

          You don’t need that many clips, I don’t think. Also, the Nook Touch has a simiar setup only with notches in the shell instead of things sticking out.

  8. Richard Lerner26 October, 2013

    I just had a bad experience with Nook customer service. It sort of stinks of desperation, going for the short money as if they expect to be out of business in the not-too-far future. I’m bailing on this device.

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