Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard Once Again Available on Amazon

If you’vekindle touch been pining for a keyboard on your Kindle or for audio support then I have some great news for you. Amazon has quietly brought back the Kindle Keyboard and the Kindle Touch. They are available today, new, with prices starting at $99.

The stock is limited to only a single model each, and based on past experience I would bet the supply is probably also limited to whatever Amazon happens to have on hand. So if you want TTS or a keyboard on your ereader, act fast.

The Kindle Keyboard available at the moment is equipped with both 3G and Wifi. What sets it apart from the new Paperwhite is that it has 4GB of storage, a keyboard, support MP3 and Audible audiobooks, and text to speech. The revived Kindle Touch only has Wifi and 4GB of storage, but like the Kindle Keyboard the KT has audio support.

Both models have (nearly?) all of the software features found on last year’s Kindle Paperwhite. I am not aware of a recent update, but I do know that both devices support KF8, Kindle X-Ray, digital comics, Kindle Cloud, and more.

In fact, the last update for the Kindle Keyboard (v3.4) mentions Whispersync for Voice and parental controls. Considering that this ereader is now over 3 years old am frankly surprised that they are still supporting it.


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  1. Nicolò Zarotti29 October, 2013

    “Like the new KPW it has 4GB of storage…” does it? On Amazon they say it has only 2 and it was my worst complain about this year’s update actually.

    1. Nate Hoffelder29 October, 2013

      You’re right. It only has 2GB. Where did I get the idea that it had more?


      1. Anne29 October, 2013

        The KPW sold in Japan is 4GB.

        1. Nate Hoffelder31 October, 2013

          That was probably iy.

      2. Nicolò Zarotti2 November, 2013

        Didn’t you write “Like the new KPW it has 4GB of storage…”?

        1. Nate Hoffelder2 November, 2013

          Yes. Then I corrected it.

  2. Name29 October, 2013

    How ridiculous are these prices, and with “special offers” to boot? I’m not in the US, but here on eBay, you can buy the 3G versions of both devices for significantly less than Amazon’s asking prices for the normal versions (if converted and VAT added). And Kindles here don’t have “special offers”. Those on eBay aren’t new though, but what damage can you do to a reader?

    1. Anne29 October, 2013

      There are the horror stories of bricked kindles being sold on places like eBay and Craigslist. I don’t know how prevalent the issue really is because you don’t hear about the transactions that go through just fine.

      Another reason to go with Amazon is that these appear to be new rather than used. It doesn’t look like these are even refurbished ones.

      You don’t say what prices you’re seeing or if any warranty would be in effect, etc. but I find Amazon’s CS to be rather amazing and I’d be willing to pay a premium to not deal with many third party sellers. YMMV.

      PS: I don’t understand the concern about the “special offers”. Far less obtrusive than all the advertising I remember being included in paper books.

  3. @sylviahubbard130 October, 2013

    I’m hoping they come out with a detachable keyboard soon

  4. Patty16 November, 2013

    I just checked Amazon, looking for a device with TTS for a blind friend, but the only Kindle Keyboards available there are used ones. Have they sold out, or have they changed their minds again?

    1. Nate Hoffelder16 November, 2013

      I think they ran out again.


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