New Archos E-ink Smartwatch Is Coming This Summer

Archos New Archos E-ink Smartwatch Is Coming This Summer E-ink e-Reading Hardware teased us with smartwatches at CES 2014, and they're back again this week with another model. Charbax caught up with Archos at MWC in Barcelona this week, and he got the first look at their new touchscreen equipped E-ink smartwatch.

This watch is a different model from the E-ink watch shown off at CES 2014; while it has the same general dimensions and features the new model also has a touchscreen integrated into the curved E-ink screen.

According to my source it has a 1.73" E-ink screen with a resolution of 320 x 240. My source is also saying that it was developed by Sonostar and not Archos. I can't say for sure whether that is true, but it does seem that the watch that Archos is showing off in the video looks a lot like onje which first made an appearance in October in the company of Sonostar, albeit with a Chinese interface.

ArcTablet is also saying that all 3 of the smartwatches which Archos showed off at CES 2014 were actually developed by other companies, namely E-ink, Yifang, and YF Tech. Archos has in the past licensed their hardware from other companies, so that is entirely possible.

This new watch is expected to ship this summer, a couple months after the other E-ink model ships in May/June.  And thanks to the touchscreen, it will be more expensive. It's going to have much the same features as Archos's other models, which the company has envisioned as acting as an extension for your smartphone or tablet.  Support is expected for Android and iOS with companion apps available in both iTunes and Google Play.

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  1. Coming this summer, eh?

    That would be December, January February?

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