How to Get Another Year of Amazon Prime for $79

Amazon announcedHow to Get Another Year of Amazon Prime for $79 Amazon today that they were increasing the cost of Amazon Prime membership to $99. How would you like to get another year of the service at the old $79 price?

Chances are if you've decided to keep Amazon Prime you think it's one of the best deals in tech. I certainly do; the savings on shipping to APOs alone justified the expense for the past 2 years, and that's why I was thrilled to learn of a way I can get another year of service at the old rate.

A clever trickster over at SlickDeals has posted a set of instructions that explains how to pull it off.  It's pretty simple, and really only involves 2 steps.

  • You need to turn off the auto-renewal for your existing Prime membership, and then
  • Go buy a gift Prime membership and schedule it to arrive in your email inbox the day after your current membership ends.

I've already followed the instructions and it looks like it worked. My Prime membership is active, but it will expire in another 4 months. I won't know for sure whether this trick  really worked until my current Prime membership ends in July, but I am confident that it will.

You can manage your existing Prime membership here. Look in the options on the left for one that mentions ending your membership. Start there.

And you can buy a Prime membership as a gift here. Be sure to set the gift to arrive the day after your current membership ends, and yes you can send it to the same email address as the one on your Kindle account.


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6 Comments on How to Get Another Year of Amazon Prime for $79

  1. Hayden Johnstone // 13 March, 2014 at 9:17 pm // Reply

    Ha ha, clever.

    Can you do it for multiple years?

  2. Interesting to hear the new US rate for Amazon Prime. I live in the UK, often known as “rip-off Britain”, and I can see why when I check the 99 USD cost against GBP. It works out at 59.58 GBP (at today’s exchange rate) but Amazon UK have increased our charge from 49 GBP to 79 GBP.
    Even if I used the new “added value” film streaming service I would still not pay so much. Why do they think *everyone* wants/needs film streaming?
    My Prime membership ends in May this year and I won’t bother renewing. Most items are still available for free delivery on “Super Saver Delivery” terms and while there is a minimum order it is not too high. There are not many things from Amazon I *must* have by the next day so after May I’ll just add things to my basket until it meets the necessary “Super Saver Delivery” minimum then order. Thinking about it, if I ever did need something desperately and I needed to order Express Delivery, I could afford to do that quite a few times for the equivalent cost of Prime.
    (Just my tuppence worth ;-))

  3. I was thinking that Amazon might changed its mind but, I did as the article suggested and bought the gift. My current membership ends in 2015. I hope there are no problems from Amazon. If so I can decide to continue membership or not.

  4. The only thing I am leery of is I cannot see WHERE to turn my membership off. I see where it says END today and I see where it says remind me three days prior but nothing where turn auto-renewal off. When I go to the gift link it shows it as $99 dollars. Did I miss it?

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