Infographic: What does 2 Billion Book Sales Look Like?

We’vewhat-does-22-million-book-sales-look-like_531d8dbdb685d1 often read that this book or that book sold millions of copies, or that a best-selling author had sold hundreds of millions of copies, but what does that really mean?

Have you ever wondered what 20 million books would look like if they were piled up? The following infographic tries to quantify that question, and I think the answer will surprise you.


Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Valentine13 March, 2014

    They could have made it really shocking by saying how many trees had to be cut down to print them.
    Something like:
    850.000 tones (metric) of wood
    20.411.664 trees cut down
    340 square kilometers of amazon jungle destroyed
    1500+ various Disney animals home destroyed

    Except for the last one, I did some loose math. Found in various locations, stats like, average book weight 425gr, 1 ton of un-coated, white, paper for every 24 trees, Amazon jungle forest density 400-750 trees per hectare, went with 600.

    1. Johnny Pearseed15 March, 2014

      Paper is made from fast-growing trees grown especially for the purpose. It’s an environmental non-issue.

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