New Video Reveals Rockchip’s Multi-Window Android Multi-Tasking is Useful, Functional

Samsung is mwav2p1001[1]well-known for the polished multi-window feature on their tablets, but now it looks like the Chinese chip maker Rockchip is about to show up the Korean gadget maker.

Mike Cane found a brief video on Youku which demos some of Rockchip’s latest multi-window features, and let me tell you it looks a lot more polished than what debuted last year. The newer video shows that it is easier to open, move, and resize videos than before.

Rockchip’s new tech is being demonstrated on the Pipo P1, a Chinese tablet which has a 9.7″ Retina-class screen and runs Android 4.4.2 Kitkat on a Rockchip 3288 CPU with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage.

To be perfectly honest, last year’s video (embedded below) was pretty cool in and of itself, and it showed a number of features that made me drool. But one important different between the videos is that the one released last year was created by Rockchip’s marketing dept, which means it is as real as any photoshop render of a product.

The new video above was shot by a real user with a production release tablet. That makes it a much more accurate depiction of what Rockchip’s multi-window tech can actually do.

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  1. Nighty30 April, 2014

    It would be great if these solutions were integrated into normal android. For example, this would be wonderful on the rumoured HP Slatebook 14 but that is neither a samsung device nor does it have a rockchip processor.


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