Goodreads Adds New “Ask the Author” Feature

Have youGoodreads Adds New "Ask the Author" Feature Amazon Social Media Social reading ever wanted to ask Dan Brown, Margaret Atwood, or Tim Ferriss where they got the idea for their latest work? Thanks to the new Ask the Author feature which Goodreads launched today, now you can.

Goodreads has long enabled readers to ask questions of and interact with authors, and today the online community expanded the ongoing discussions with a new option:

Ask the Author allows readers to ask questions and get answers from their favorite authors. At Goodreads, we believe the relationship between authors and readers is very special. Authors tell stories and create worlds that spark the imaginations of their readers. Now readers can deepen that connection by asking questions about the new worlds, ideas, and people they've discovered in books.

This feature is going live today, with 54 authors participating, and over the next few weeks the Goodreads will be rolling out the feature to authors participating in the Goodreads Author program. All 100,000+ authors  in the program will have the option of taking questions from fans and readers.

Goodreads has posted a list of the 54 authors already taking questions over on their blog post. To check whether other authors are participating, visit their author profile and look for the "Ask the Author" section.

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  1. Looks interesting. I think I will check it out!

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