Even Hitler is Powerless Against Amazon

The inevitable Downfall parody video for the Amazon Hachette contract dispute.

Depending on your viewpoint, this video will either have you nodding your head in agreement that Amazon really is that evil and powerful, or the video might remind you just how some of Amazon's detractors (Stross, Patterson, and others) sound.

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3 Comments on Even Hitler is Powerless Against Amazon

  1. I found it kind of funny, kid of stupid, but with some good points about what COULD happen in a worst case scenario future if all the bookstores went out of business and other competition went offline.

    But mostly I just imagined WWII Nazi planes bombing Amazon headquarters around the globe and a cheesy but potentially good story of WWIII between an empire and an international business empire…

  2. I thought this was priceless! Someone did an excellent job matching their subtitle text to the action on screen. The hyperbole is laid on so thick, I wasn’t sure if they were mocking Bezos or mocking the Amazon bashers. My one quibble was in the contention that there were no bookstores left to compete with Amazon. Right now indie bookstores are doing OK, at least partly because Borders is gone.

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