Watch Jeff Bezos Announce the Fire Phone

Watch Jeff Bezos Announce the Fire Phone Amazon A short while ago Amazon posted the video from the launch event for the Fire Phone. If like me you still have questions about the Fire Phone's features and why some of the liveblogs sounded impressed, here's your chance to find out.

I haven't seen it myself, but I will be making time tonight. I still have doubts whether I will get the $650 smartphone. I know I won't be tying myself to AT&T, but it remains to be seen whether this smartphone does enough to justify the expense.

So what do you think?

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  1. Frustratingly short of specifics, like always from Amazon. Note how he basically gives you a meaningless chart at the beginning, meaninglessness because there is no scale and so there is no data behind it. “Tens of millions” of Prime memberships means what? 20 million? 40-50 million?

    And then he brags about Prime’s retention rates but he doesn’t give you any specific numbers about that either. Instead he quotes a bunch of fawning tweets from Prime customers.

    Not an impressive way to begin a presentation. It makes all my bullshit detectors scream.

    • I thought there was a lot of filler in there. Out of the hour I watched (I got bored and feel asleep) there was maybe 20 minutes of actual content with the rest of the time filled with “hey, look how cool we are”.

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