NYC Debate Group to Consider the Topic of Amazon, Belling the Cat

Next Tuesday night the New York Public Library will be hosting a debate called Amazon: Business as Usual? It's scheduled for 7pm local time, and is going to be held in the Schwarzman Building, South Court Auditorium (42nd Street at 5th Avenue).

According to The Bookseller:

The event, taking place at the New York Public Library, will see author James Patterson and Grove Atlantic publisher and president, Morgan Entrekin, join attorney and founder of, Bob Kohn, Law professor and theorist, Tim Wu and political theorist and elected chair of the Pulitzer Prize Board, Danielle Allen in conversation moderated by Tina Bennett, literary agent at WME, titled "Amazon: Business As Usual?".

The discussion will focus on the Hachette-Amazon dispute, exploring what is at stake for the companies, authors and readers. It will also look at the larger issues of free-market capitalism and free speech at play, and what the  dispute reveals about the future of publishing in the age of e-books.

It's supposed to be streamed live (here) under the Live from NYPL program, and I think we should all watch. From what I can see in the guest list, most of the panelists are anti-Amazon so I have to wonder what they will be debating.

I'm not being snide when I say that I don't understand the context of the debate, and that intrigues me. I don't see what there is to be debated; what is listed as the topic would seem to be a statement and not a question.

Live from NYPL

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9 Comments on NYC Debate Group to Consider the Topic of Amazon, Belling the Cat

  1. It doesn’t look to me like there’s necessarily anyone from the pro-Amazon side there. I know for a fact Patterson and Kohn have been outspoken against Amazon. It does look like Entrekin and Allen have books on Amazon, but that doesn’t say anything about their politics toward it. This could very well be a session of “Amazon: Threat or Menace?”

  2. Gee I’d love to watch it but PETA is having a members only debate at the same time, “Fur coats, good or bad”. Can’t miss it.

  3. Maybe they couldn’t get someone from the Pro-Amazon camp?

  4. Oooh. I don’t think we have to worry about there being nobody from the “pro-Amazon camp” anymore.

    Passive Guy will be participating.

    Man, I wish I were in New York for that. I’d love to watch Passive Guy go active. 🙂

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