B&N Builds Buzz for New Galaxy Tab Nook with Promo Video

B&N Builds Buzz for New Galaxy Tab Nook with Promo Video Barnes & Noble e-Reading Hardware It looks like Barnes & Noble is taking a leaf from Amazon's playbook.

Early this morning the retailer sent out an email to their customers, but rather than pitch ebook deals the email touts a new promo video for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. B&N is widely expected to launch the new tablet next Wednesday, and for once they decided to start promoting the new hardware before it officially launches.

The video regrettably doesn't share any new details on price or specs, and instead focuses on reactions to the new device (in much the same way that Amazon has used reactions to a new Kindle as part of their launch events). But in spite of the lack of interesting or useful info, this is a good sign for industry watchers. It tells us that B&N isn't just going through the motions when launching the new hardware; they want it to succeed.

Now if only they could have released a new tablet which had a better screen and performance that the Nook HD, that would be awesome. As it stands, the new Galaxy Tab 4 Nook doesn't exactly offer a compelling reason to upgrade.

I had a Galaxy Tab 3, and was underwhelmed by the performance, and I also know several Nook HD owners (including Juli Monroe of Teleread) who don't see why they would want to downgrade their screens.

Still, B&N has had close to two years since their last tablet launch to work on their software; perhaps they will blow us away on Wednesday. We'll have to wait and see.

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7 Comments on B&N Builds Buzz for New Galaxy Tab Nook with Promo Video

  1. “I can’t even imagine what it’s like to read on this!” My thoughts exactly, lady. 😉

  2. Cute commercial/promo. I like that they put in the grumpy cat in it. 😀

  3. Well, since they are committed to buying a million or more of them from Samsung, they’d better figure out how to sell the things.

  4. Exactly … as a Nook user, I wouldn’t upgrade if the screen is a downgrade. First and foremost, this is an e-reader before a tablet (B&N is a bookseller) and the screen is the first thing I look for.

  5. Have NookHD currently. Can’t wait to trade up to Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook asap.

  6. Besides the screen (which is, I admit important for reading), this tablet is a slight step up in terms of hardware from the Nook HD. Quad core processor and front and rare facing cameras are nice additions. Now if only we knew the price.

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