EPUB2Twitter lets You Embed an Epub eBook in a Tweet

Authors have long been told that they should promote their books on Twitter, but until now there was no easy way to embed a sample of an ebook in the service so it can be read without leaving Twitter.

That changed today. I've just learned that a Japanese ebook retailer has developed a simple service that will take an Epub and return a link which can be tweeted.

The service is called EPUB2Twitter Tw-ePub and that it is open to the public. It enables authors to upload an Epub, add a title and brief description, and then generate a link which can be added to a tweet.

You can test the service for yourself here. When tweeted, that link triggers Twitter's embed protocols, making it load an Epub viewer. I already tested it in a tweet, which you can view here. The resulting embed looks something like this:

EPUB2Twitter lets You Embed an Epub eBook in a Tweet Epub Web Publishing

That's not a good screenshot, I know, but this does work out in practice. I've been playing with this service this morning, and it generates a readable Epub with a few basic features like text that can be highlighted and copied. It is a little slow, but given that it loads the Epub before displaying it that is to be expected.

If you like, you can see the same Epub displayed in your web browser.  I don't know who developed this web app but it is pretty good.



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4 Comments on EPUB2Twitter lets You Embed an Epub eBook in a Tweet

  1. Gotta look into this, thanks Nate!

  2. Nate, is there a link to a screen page in English? Thanks!

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