New Leaks Reveal the Kindle Voyage with a 300 DPI Screen

New Leaks Reveal the Kindle Voyage with a 300 DPI Screen Amazon e-Reading Hardware Remember that TechCrunch story from last November about the Kindle Paperwhite codenamed Ice Wine and the 300 dpi screen?

Update: The Kindle Voyage has  launched. It will cost $199 and up, and ship on 21 October.

It turns out that, aside from the launch date, the details were mostly true. 

A German blogger has discovered leaked product pages on the website that revealed that Amazon's next Kindle could be called the Kindle Voyage. Said product pages didn't include images, and in fact they have since been removed, but not before the blogger took a screen shot:

New Leaks Reveal the Kindle Voyage with a 300 DPI Screen Amazon e-Reading Hardware

The mentions on don't say much about this device's specs or abilities, but there are hints that it has an improved frontlight and a new way to turn the page (page turn buttons like in the TechCrunch story, perhaps). It's also clear that there will be 3G and Wifi models, but I think we could have guessed that.

Edit: the 300 dpi screen spec suggest that the screen resolution is 1440 x 1080, the same as on the larger 6.8" E-ink screen used by the Kobo Aura HD/H2O.

There isn't much information to be teased out of the leak, but luckily for us Amazon suffered a similar leak on their Japanese website.

The Verge found a copy of the Japanese product page for the Kindle Voyage in the Google Cache. We still don't have pictures, but we do have confirmation that this isn't a work of fiction. We also have a few extra specs.

Weighing in at 186 grams, the Kindle Voyage will be thinner and lighter than its predecessor. The Japanese product page confirms the 300 dpi screen, although it's not clear what the screen will be made from. It also tells us there are page turn areas built into the bezel around the screen, just like in the Techcrunch story.

Update: And thanks to, we now have an image of the new Kindle Voyage:

New Leaks Reveal the Kindle Voyage with a 300 DPI Screen Amazon e-Reading Hardware

And last but not least, the leaked product page lists the ship date as 4 November. That is rather late in the year, but it also suggests that the US launch could take place about a month before, with the Kindle Voyage shipping in the US in mid-October.

That's still late, but I find it plausible.

Do you?

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22 Comments on New Leaks Reveal the Kindle Voyage with a 300 DPI Screen

  1. Sounds reasonable to me. I’ve wanted a smaller device with a better screen, and this seems to be it! If the rumor is true, I think it should be announced today or tomorrow. Isn’t that usually how things go? Leak right before announcement?

  2. Amazon has had late launches before, sounds reasonable. I’m excited, hope this proves to be true!

  3. Interestingly, that German blogger’s screenshot also lists a 59€ Kindle with a touch screen and special offers available (?) 2 October 2014. This is interesting because did not sell Kindles with special offers until now (only the tablets were available with advertisements). I guess the old basic Kindle will be retired now (it was sold for 49€ in Germany without special offers).

  4. Page turns without touching the screen??? Sign me up.

  5. Judging from the naked known specs so far, I like the Aura H2O better, which is cheaper to boot.

  6. I’m very surprised about the price. 189euros is very expensive. It’s 60 euros more than than the current Paperwhite. It’s nearly 1 $ by added dpi…

    • Me too. Very expensive. It’s a shame they do not increase the size of the screen.
      It is also a shame not to come this year the Liquavista…

  7. They’re not replacing the PW2, just adding a premium model for upgraders.
    The screen and paging buttons may not be the only improvements.
    More storage, audio, waterproofing, maybe a Mojito OS and apps…

    Until the announcement we won’t know all that is in the package.

    With the new Touch at the low end, PW2 4GB in the middle, and the Voyage at the high end they can blanket the market just fine.

  8. I hate to say it, but there is the slimmest possibility that Good e-reader was correct when they posted back in March that Amazon’s next ereader would have a Mobius screen. It certainly fits the “higher resolution, lighter” part to a T. Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut. 😀

    • Could also be eInk ‘s Fina EPD, which should give at least 50% reduction in both weight and thickness of the display module. Don’t think it has been deployed in any product before.

  9. Any chance that we will be able to do auto-organization like my PRS-350 did 4 YEARS AGO where the series organization I worked hard on in Calibre can be directly transferred to the Kindle? I can have Calibre convert my epubs if I must, but if I can’t organize without standing around poking the screen for days, I can’t use the reader.

  10. If they are moving to 6.8″ screen then take my money now.

  11. I know it’s too much to hope for but I really wanted it to be waterproof and have audio.

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