If You Have Something to Say, I Have a Soapbox

Over the past few weeks I have been looking at this blog, and contemplating where it should go from here.

In addition to asking for feedback and suggestions, I have been pondering what I think is missing and last night one area in particular leapt out at me:

There aren't enough voices on this blog with differing opinions.

While I do like to hear the sound of my own keyboard, and as much as I like the discussions in the comments, I don't think there are sufficient number of viewpoints getting attention.

And that's why I would like to reopen the floor to guest posts. In particular, I am looking for writers who have an opinion and can concisely and cogently express it.

To be honest, I never intended The Digital Reader to be my own personal soapbox - it just worked out that way. I had originally planned for TDR to become a multi-author blog, but while working towards that goal I kept getting tripped up by my own disinterest in being the boss and discomfort in providing an editorial critique to other writers. (I'm going to have to get over this.)

So if you have a post you would like to write, drop me a line. And if you would like a suggestion, how about a post on:

  • An insider's take on issues related to traditional publishing, self-publishing
  • Problems you've faced in reading ebooks, and how you've solved them (or not)
  • Your opinion of your current or new ereader, and how it compares to your older device

But don't ask if you can post a native ad or try to pull some type of SEO whammy. I'm not interested.

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7 Comments on If You Have Something to Say, I Have a Soapbox

  1. Shouldn’t the sentence
    While I do like to here the sound …
    While I do like to hear the sound …

  2. So you wouldn’t be interested in an insiders take on how miracle diet pills can help you lose weight even as you publish to Kindle?

  3. Hi! I’d love to be one of your guest bloggers. How do I go about the process? Thanks! ~ Tanisha

  4. Am interested in providing at least one blog post to The Digital Reader. Thanks for your consideration.

  5. I’d like to write something about the options for reading ebooks that exist outside of dedicated ereaders.

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