Google Play Books Updated with New Skim Mode, Better Support for Non Fiction

google play booksGoogle first got its start in ebooks with the often maligned book scanning project, and with the latest update to Google Play Books it is returning to its academic roots.

The tech giant announced a new version of Google Play Books today which features better support for non fiction ebooks. (The apps have not been released as of the time I published this post.) According to Google, the new apps will enable readers to  easily skim an entire book, browse all their notes and highlights, and quickly jump back and forth between different locations in the book.

The new apps will feature better support for managing your notes and highlights, which could be a nice compliment tor textbooks and study guides. Readers can also use the quick bookmark function to quickly jump around in a book, back and forth between multiple spots (different parts of a history book, for example).

And last but not least the app now features a skim mode which should make it easier to flip through an ebook in much the same way that a reader might flip through a paper book while searching for the info they need.

Books Update - Skim Mode (1)

Google Play Books is now available in 61 countries around the world, and supports apps on Android, iOS, and Chrome. it is, by my guess, one of the top 5 ebookstores in the world. I like to sum up the market as: Amazon, Apple, and the trailing three (Kobo, Google and B&N).

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