Kindle Voyage Ships Today in the UK, Germany

In case anyone wondered which were Amazon's most valuable markets, today's Kindle Voyage launch will tell you. Amazon's latest and greatest ebook reader shipped went up for pre-order today in Germany and the UK (but not the rest of Europe). The retail price price is £169 and 189 euros, and the first units are already arriving. The Voyage is already out of stock, and it's expected to ship in both markets on 8 December.

Those prices are for the Wifi models; the 3G-equipped models will set you back an additional 60 euros or £80.

The Kindle Voyage launched in the US in early September, and garnered positive but puzzled reviews when it shipped a couple weeks ago. It's currently out of stock on, and is also out of stock at Best Buy (or so the website is telling me). Amazon expects to have the Kindle Voyage  in stock at the beginning of next month.

The Voyage ships with support for all of the local Kindle Stores, so I would not be surprised if the availability was expanded in the near future.


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11 Comments on Kindle Voyage Ships Today in the UK, Germany

  1. In Germany the Voyage could be pre-ordered weeks ago. The first devices have already been delivered today, mine will hopefully arrive tomorrow. New orders are expected to ship on 8 December, so I hope there will be no reason for me to send the device back. 🙂

  2. Fuck this shit, I just tried to order one and not just did I have to order it in fucking German, in the end they refused to ship it even to neighbor countries of Germany.

  3. I would like to buy a kindle voyage in Germany, but will it be in English or in German?

    • The device will most likely let you chose your preferred language at setup time. Also, you have 14 days to send it back at no cost (Amazon gives you 30 days, but after 14 days you’d have to pay shipping costs for your return yourself, I believe), should you desire so for some reason.

    • It will support both languages. The menus support English, German, and other languages – even Russian.

      The question you should be asking is which Kindle Store will it be connected to, or

      I think it will be connected to, but I found instructions which indicate that you might be able to change the relationship.

  4. May you sell one Kindle Voyage to Spain?
    What price and delibera time please?

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