E-ink Reported Q3 Revenues Down from Last Year

E-ink Reported Q3 Revenues Down from Last Year E-ink e-Reading Hardware Screen Tech While E-ink usually does their best to tell a less than complete story about their financial state, the slides from E-ink's investor conference last week (found by E-ink Info) say more than E-ink would like.

The screen maker reported earnings of approximately $133 million USD in the third quarter of 2014, down from $154 million in the same period last year. Both gross and net profit were down, with E-ink reporting a net of around $3.3 million.

E-ink also reported carrying significantly less stock on hand as compared to last year while at the same time boosting its cash reserves and reducing debt.

During that quarter E-ink saw the launch of two new ereaders with next-generation screens: the Kobo Aura H2O, which has a 6.8" Carta screen, and the Kindle Voyage, which has a 6"  display with a screen resolution of 300ppi.

E-ink (PDF)

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5 Comments on E-ink Reported Q3 Revenues Down from Last Year

  1. When is a colour e-ink screen ever going to arrive in a mainstream product?

  2. E-ink has been stagnant in a market that demands fast evolution in tech. I don’t like reading on an lcd screen, but I honestly can’t wait for any rival tech not controlled by one single company that fails to innovate.

  3. colour e-ink screen please!
    The LCD kill the retina cells.

    • The problem with color E-ink is that it can never be sharp enough or colorful enough to equal an LCD screen. It will always be gray and low-res, and there’s just not enough of a market for that.

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