Grainy Photo of the iPad Pro Confirms That Bigfoot Kidnapped Elvis

I'm expecting to see many images this week of gadgets which don't exist outside of Photoshop, but the most interesting one didn't come from the show floor. Earlier today posted what they claim is an image of the corner of the next iPad.

Many Apple bloggers, analysts, and pundits believe that Apple is one day going to release a larger iPad, and now there is a grainy photo which proves them right. Feast your eyes on this:

Grainy Photo of the iPad Pro Confirms That Bigfoot Kidnapped Elvis Apple e-Reading Hardware humor

Yes, folks, the next iPad will have a corner. Stop the presses.

Mark this day, folks; Apple coverage has moved beyond coverage of every rumor, fevered speculation, and analyst's guess. We're now in the realm of posting Bigfoot photos and UFO abduction stories.

Snarking aside, this image does look a little like an unverified leak from back in November. That leak purported to reveal the design schematic for the iPad Pro,and included details like 4 speaker (2 on the upper and two on the lower edge).

And that earlier leak could be what inspired this image, just like new photos of the Loch ness Monster have been inspired by that one photo from 1934.

Needless to say, I don't think this photo is legit. While I believe that Apple is working on an iPad Pro (it would fit with their hardware strategy to date), I want more substance with a leak or rumor before I take it seriously.


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8 Comments on Grainy Photo of the iPad Pro Confirms That Bigfoot Kidnapped Elvis

  1. Clearly Apple’s next tablet is going to be triangular…

  2. I suspect Apple’s biggest problem with an iPad pro is going to be pricing: any Apple-worthy price is going to put them right in Surface 3 territory and in that comparo iOS just ain’t Pro enough to beat the Mac Air , much less the Surface.

    In case folks haven’t noticed the ads, MS is actively targetting the Air with some success.
    Throwing a larger, pricier iPad in those waters won’t help the MacBook or iPad lines.


    • And then there’s the issue of the Modbook, the $2,000 after market Macbook tablet. Axiotron has been making Modbooks with Apple’s blessing for the past 6 years. They even funded a KS campaign last fall to raise money for a new and better model.

      I used to think the continued existence of the Modbook precluded an iPad Pro, but now I’m not so sure. There have been too many rumors that the iPro is under development.

  3. If it had a hole for a pen silo, I’d be excited.

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