What to Watch Out For at CES 2015: the Hemingwrite (video)

The Hemingwrite has gotten a lot of attention since it first broke cover in October 2014, and now it looks like I will finally get a chance to put my hands on one.

I just got an email this morning with the news that this retro word processor is being shown off in Las Vegas this week. I’m still trying to hook up with it, and while I am waiting I have a video to share.

hemingwrite 2

The Hemingwrite is a laptop-sized word processor with a 6″ E-ink screen, a mechanical keyboard, Wifi, and support for a number of cloud services like Google Docs and Evernote.

And as the following video shows us, the Hemingwrite will also support its own cloud service which will save your work as you type it. The video also shows that development of other features, including a print/send function, continues apace.

If I get a chance, I will see the Hemingwrite this week. Unless the developers plan to loan review units, this might be my only chance to see it; I won’t be buying one. It’s a nifty looking gadget, but even at the $399 Kickstarter price it is a more than I am willing to pay. It just does too little and costs too much.

The Hemingwrite is expected to ship to Kickstarter backers in September 2015.

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  1. David William Edwards4 January, 2015

    Cool! Now I can try using Markdown formatting with my Neo.

  2. Steve4 January, 2015

    The other cool e-reader coming out at CES:

    1. Nate Hoffelder4 January, 2015


  3. Kaz Augustin4 January, 2015

    I’m one of the backers for this one. It’s an early Xmas 2015 present from hubby, so that’s okay then. 😉

  4. Sharon5 January, 2015

    How heavy is it?

    And the user is dependent on a cloud, from what I’ve seen rather than being able to use a physical backup device directly.

    The price is prohibitive, but the idea is great.

    1. Kaz Augustin5 January, 2015

      Hi Sharon. The case is aluminium, so I figure it looks heavier than it is…ah, the Kickstarter page says 4lbs, which is less than 2kg. Heavy-ish. You can also transfer to a PC via USB, so you don’t have to use the cloud. Just as well, as I’m not keen on being cloud-dependent for anything.

      I use FocusWriter on my PC (Linux) and think it’s wonderful. If I can get a more mobile version of a similar experience (and the Hemingwrite sounds like it), I’ll be a happy chappy.

      1. Sharon5 January, 2015

        Ah, thanks Kaz. I was too lazy to go and look it up. The mobile aspect is the thing that intrigues me as well as having something that is (sort of) detached from the Internet and all its distractions while writing. I’m a ten-fingered typster and learned on a non-electric typewriter (I’m that old) so kind of miss that. But 2 kg is rather heavy for lugging around on trains and in airports, isn’t it?

        And that price tag is beyond me humble budget at the moment…

        1. Kaz Augustin5 January, 2015

          LOL! At school, I learnt on the Olympia and Remington electric typewriters. (Remember those days?) But, at home, I banged away on my dad’s “portable” Olivetti. In comparison, 2kg is light! You’re right, though; nostalgia is definitely a factor in our decision.

        2. Nate Hoffelder5 January, 2015

          I would say it’s not the weight so much as it is the size. This is about the same size as a laptop, and when you’re limited to a single carry-on space is at a premium.

          I could not imagine taking this on a flight – not when I have so much else I need to bring.

          1. Kaz Augustin5 January, 2015

            Oh, you lof of jet-setters. 🙂 I didn’t realise I commented in such frequent flyer company. LOL Me, I’m just imagining lugging this to some local cafe table somewhere.

            1. Nate Hoffelder5 January, 2015

              Well, I actually take a bus up to NYC more often than I fly, but I carry the same gear bag either way. I couldn’t imagine packing the Hemingwrite along.

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