Vysk is the Perfect iPhone Case for Paranoid Users

If an Android users wants to better protect their data they can get a BlackPhone, but what is an iPhone user to do?

For one thing, they could stop using Apple's cloud services (or anyone else's, for that matter) and never take a device online, but if they want to secure the iPhone itself as well as the data it contains then they could get a Vysk case.

Vysk is the Perfect iPhone Case for Paranoid Users e-Reading Hardware iDevice

Launched in October, the Vysk EP-1 case for the iPhone 5 is a $120 security solution that offers both hardware and software protection.  It combines a rugged case with a built-in battery and manual shutters for the cameras, with apps that secure your data.

Vysk has released two apps, including a gallery app (for both video and images) and a text messaging app. Both apps encrypt your data, and they can be set to delete the data if the app is tampered with, or after a period of time, etc.

There aren't any apps for securing your other data, which is a concern to me; I am more interested in making sure that confidential documents are secured than in securing personal info, and Vysk can't do that. What's more, CNet reports that the gallery app and the text messaging app have only limited features.

CNet wasn't all that impressed with the Vysk EP-1, and after listening to the pitch last night neither am I. This case solves a couple of the more public security issues without solving the general issue of securing the data on the iPhone. But to be fair, iOS8 includes encryption for the data on your iPhone anyway, so perhaps a more comprehensive solution would be wasted effort.

I've never needed to secure the data on my mobile devices (because the data needing protection never got on to the devices in the first place), so I can't answer that question for sure.

What do you think of the case?

You can find a review at CNet, and you can find the iPhone 5 version of the case at Best Buy. The iPhone 6 version will be due out this spring.

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