Softmaker Office Now Free on Android

Softmaker makes one of the better paid office suite apps for Linux, Windows, and Android, and now they’re making the suite available for free on Android.

The app developer is in the process of quietly marking down its office suite apps in Google Play, including the TextMaker word processor, PlanMaker spreadsheet app, and Presentations for PowerPoint-style presentations.



Softmaker used to charge as much as $24 for the tablet version of the 3 apps, but if you look carefully you can now find either the smartphone or HD (for tablets) versions available for free – alongside the many other free office apps.

In addition to an Android port of Open Office, other free office suites include Polaris OfficeKingSoft Office, and Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. That market is quite crowded, which could explain Softmaker’s decision to release the apps for free.

Softmaker had one of the best office suite apps when I used them years ago on Windows CE, but I’ll confess that I never got around to using them on Android. By the time that Softmaker released the Android versions of its apps, I had already moved on to other office suites.

But to be honest, I don’t do enough office work on Android to even bother keeping an office suite installed, so I couldn’t say how the current market compares.

Do you have a preferred office suite app for Android?

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  1. fjtorres20 January, 2015

    Softmaker was my preferred Office Suite under WinCE.
    Since then I’ve tried (and own) about four different Android Office “suites”.
    Softmaker is my favorite on Android. On Windows it slots in just ahead of Libre Office and behind MS.
    The HD version (I paid for it happily) is pretty much a clone of MS Office but with the older, pre-ribbon GUI.
    Round-tripping has been flawless and its network snd cloud support is excellent.

    From the email, it sounds like they are planning to replicate on Android their Windows strategy of giving away the older version and charging modestly for upgrades to the current version.

    1. Nate Hoffelder20 January, 2015

      I _just_ got a copy of the email. Where do you see a mention of their strategy?

      1. fjtorres20 January, 2015

        Try this:

        “If you already own SoftMaker Office Mobile, you don’t need this download. Stay with the version you purchased; we will offer extra features in the future. And if you own SoftMaker Office HD for your Android tablets, free SoftMaker Office Mobile is a great companion for it on your smartphone.”

        Considering the HD version is still paid-for, the obvious interpretation is that while the current Office Mobile is free, the *future* version won’t be. Otherwise they wouldn’t go out of the way to warn to stay with the paid download.

        1. Nate Hoffelder20 January, 2015

          The HD apps are free, actually. I checked.

          But you do raise a good point. I’d wondered why Softmaker launched free versions rather than marking down the paid versions, but I think you explained it. The paid versions will get the new features first.

          1. fjtorres20 January, 2015

            When I click on your link to play, I get twelve Softmaker links: six free trial versions, the full Mobile Office links with FREE banners, and three for paid full HD version.

            Maybe things are different in your neighborhood?
            I’m coming in via a Fire HD tablet…

            1. Nate Hoffelder20 January, 2015

              I guess I saw the HD trials and thought they were the new free HD apps.

  2. Felix21 January, 2015

    My tablet came with Kingsoft Office preinstalled, and I kept it around because you never know when some poor soul will send you a .doc when a .txt would have sufficed. But I don’t use it much because it’s slow and unstable. In fact, I must have used the office suite on my Palm more than that, back in the day. Funny that.

  3. dfui21 January, 2015

    I don’t think you can get the tablet version for free. While there are free trial versions for Softmaker Office HD, only the phone version (Softmaker Office Mobile) has generally been made available for free now (i.e., the “non-trial” version). Difference is in the user interface. The phone version is optimized for small screens, the tablet version for large screens.

    1. Nate Hoffelder21 January, 2015

      Nope. I got that one wrong.

  4. Philip26 January, 2015

    The difference between SoftMaker Office Mobile and SoftMaker Office HD is not only in the user interface. The range of features is the biggest difference.

    In the latest SoftMaker blog is explained:

    “SoftMaker Office HD … is designed especially with tablet users in mind, and specifically for those who want to work with the complete range of functions of the desktop version of SoftMaker Office … With this version it’s possible, for the first time ever on an Android tablet, to handle even the most complex office tasks and mothball that heavy notebook for good. You’ll be able to create and revise documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on a tablet just as comprehensively as you would with a PC. ”

    SoftMaker Office Mobile, in comparison, “is designed to let users take care of everyday tasks efficiently. SoftMaker Office Mobile is just right for people who want to faithfully display and work on office documents quickly and practically on their mobile phones”.


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