This Site Tells You Where Your Smartphone Works Around the World

What with my mother planning to take a job in Australia, over the past few months I’ve been looking into exactly what steps she will need to take to make sure her gadgetry will work down under.

With most power supplies for mobile devices supporting both 120v (US) and 220v (elsewhere), power shouldn’t be an issue, but wireless connectivity could be. And that is why I was pleased to learn of a site called

As you can tell from the name, this site tells you whether your smartphone will work in which countries. It offers a simple series of drop down menus which let you choose the brand, model, carrier, and country:


It’s not complete, by any means (my OneTouch Pop Icon isn’t listed) but its  database already covers 2,000 mobile devices (including cellular-equipped tablets) and more than 800 carriers worldwide. The developers are adding more listings all the time, and they even invite users to submit requests.

While it is possible to find out this information for yourself, it’s time consuming and can be a pain. And that’s why I’m thrilled I found this site.



  1. jjj6 February, 2015

    there is this,has been for years and likely the most reliable
    and wiki should be listing all bands all around the world, so not all that hard to find the info.

    1. Nate Hoffelder6 February, 2015

      Thanks. I didn’t know of that site.

    2. Sol8 February, 2015

      Thanks jjj but the site you provided in your comment (mobileworldlive) is very outdated. Have you checked it recently?

      It doesn’t have band 7 2600mhz for Rogers in Canada nor 700mhz. It’s also missing any 4G LTE tbay tel. I can’t agree with you regarding reliability.

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