Microsoft Will Pay You up to $650 for Your Old Surface Tablet

Well, here’s an example of poor planning. The rulers of Redmond are running a trade in program right now that will let you send in any working Surface tablet and get a credit towards the purchase of a new Surface Pro 3.

surface pro 3 microsoft

The program runs until 8 March, and it will net you anywhere between $84 (for an original Surface RT) to $650 (for a Surface Pro 3, which kinda defeats the purpose). One MS gets your tablet, they’ll email you a redemption code which can be applied to the purchase of a new Surface Pro 3.

You can only trade in a single Surface tablet, and the offer is only good in the US, but it’s a great deal if you’ve been thinking about getting a Surface Pro 3. Otherwise, this isn’t a very good deal.

It’s a shame MS didn’t offer this deal in the fall; they could have used it to sell quite a few Surface tablets.

It’s also unfortunate that the fine print says this deal is only good for a credit towards a Surface Pro 3. There’s stuff I’d like to buy from Microsoft, but a Surface tablet is not one of them.  Those are very pretty tablets but they cost more and do as much as my current laptop, and I don’t need a whole other computer – not at those prices.

I think I’ll just put my Surface RT tablet on Craigslist (since I can’t find a non-profit program to donate it to).


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  1. Paul23 February, 2015

    I’ll give you $84 for it (inc keyboard)


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