Microsoft Will Give Dropbox Users 100GB Free Storage on OneDrive

Microsoft Will Give Dropbox Users 100GB Free Storage on OneDrive Cloud Storage If you have a Dropbox account, Microsoft has a deal for you.

In an obvious attempt to poach users from the reigning champ of cloud hosting services, Microsoft is now offering Dropbox customers 100GB of free storage. The only catch is that you have to use OneDrive.

Microsoft normally offers 15GB free storage, compared to Dropbox's parsimonious 2GB, and thanks to this offer MS will beat Dropbox's offer by a whopping 4,900%. Head on over to the offer page, log in with your MS account, and after you verify your Dropbox account (and agree to let MS spam you with emails) Microsoft will gift you with 100GB which you can use for the next year.

Or at least that is how it is supposed to work; I'm stuck at the verification stage.

Update: Fixed it. The verification file needed to be saved to my Public folder, which had to be selected manually.

OneDrive Bonus

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9 Comments on Microsoft Will Give Dropbox Users 100GB Free Storage on OneDrive

  1. I’m stuck at the verification stage too. Thanks for posting this though, what a great deal!

  2. Went right through for me. Verification problems aside this is just about the most obvious no brainer ever!

  3. Nice. I just got an extra 100GB last week for signing up for Bing Rewards, so this brings my total up to 228GB. Found the Bing offer here:

    Not sure if its still valid, but maybe worth a try.

  4. To get the extra storage be sure to save the verification file to a publically-accessible folder on your Dropbox; the first time I tried I saved to the default folder and it got stuck at the verification stage, but when I tried again and saved it to my /Public folder it worked fine.

  5. “….which you can use for the next year.”


    Does the offer expire after a year? If so, what do I do with my 100GB of files after that?


    • The files will remain, but you won’t be able to upload more until you either renew of remove enough files to get under your regular limit.

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