Pranksters Impersonate Apple Store Employees, Recommend Microsoft Products

Making fun of Apple is one of the perks of being a tech blogger, but I have nothing on these next guys.

A quartet of pranksters going by the name NelkFilmz infiltrated an Apple store in NYC last week and proceeded to troll its customers. They recommend Samsung and Microsoft products, make up bogus defects and technical issues, and generally cause mischief.

The best part is when the pranksters almost managed to convince the real Apple employees that the pranksters are real, and when that fails they dramatically quit.

This is not the first time someone has pranked Apple’s retail stores. Past attempts range from the obscene to the overbearing.

My favorite would have to be one which wasn’t a prank. In 2011 an artist installed spyware on the display computers in an Apple store, and proceeded to use the webcams to take photos of anyone browsing on the store. His study of people’s expressions eventually drew the wrath of Apple, resulting in a scary visit from the Secret Service. Luckily it all worked out in the end, otherwise a novel art project would have been accentuated by a criminal prosecution.


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