Newly Leaked Shell Lends Credence to 4 inch iPhone Rumors

The four month old rumors about a new 4″ iPhone suddenly stopped being absurd today when Future Supplier posted new photos of what could be the shell for iPhone 6C.

That cellphone parts retailer got their hands on what they say is a rear shell for Apple’s next 4″ iPhone. The shell looks somewhat like the shell for the iPhone 5C from 2013, but there are a few subtle differences.

The new shell has a different cutout for the camera’s flash, as well as different grills on the bottom edge. It also looks to be designed to fit a thicker smartphone than the iPhone 5C, suggesting that the new model will be chunkier than before.

As always, there’s no way to tell for sure that this is real, but I would bet that it is. Rumors about the new 4″ iPhone have been circulating since December. I haven’t reported on most of them but I did think they could come true.

Apple has been trending towards having more and more screen sizes, and a 4″ iPhone would be popular with those who don’t want to buy an iPhone phablet.


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  1. R31 March, 2015

    I would buy one if the price is not too high (at least it should be US$100 lower than the 5c). It is very difficult to find normal size phones (i.e. less than 5 inch) nowadays with acceptable performance. iPhone 6 is too expensive for me.

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