Sony Puts its 13.3″ eReader On Sale for $799

Sony Puts its 13.3" eReader On Sale for $799 e-Reading Hardware When Sony launched its 13.3" digital writing slate in the US last March, it cost a staggering $1,100. The price has come down a bit since then, and today you can pick up the Digital Paper DPT-S1 for a mere $799.

Unlike your average ereader, the DPT-S1 was built for the business customer. It features a 13.3" Mobius E-ink display with dual touchscreens (stylus and IR), Wifi, and 4GB of storage. It does not, however, support very many features to justify the high price.

The DPT-S1 supports reading and editing PDF files, but it doesn't support Epub nor does it have any apps. It can't, for example, let you read your emails.

It does, however, make a nifty blueprint reader. Thanks to the plastic-backed Mobius E-ink display, the DPT-S1 is more rugged than your average mobile device. But due to the size and limited production, it is also more expensive, hence the high price tag.

Sony Puts its 13.3" eReader On Sale for $799 e-Reading Hardware

The DPT-S1 is the only device on the market to use this screen, but several competing devices are in the works. Pocketbook, Netronix, and Onyx have each announced that they are working on a design, but none are close to reaching the market.

Similarly, the Chinese device maker Dasung has developed a 13.3" USB monitor based on this screen, but that unit is not available either.

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5 Comments on Sony Puts its 13.3″ eReader On Sale for $799

  1. Sony should negotiate with Apple to license their fruit logo for this. Not unlikely that that would increase sales without putting the device on sale.

  2. Great. Now just Sony should make 2nd version with Bluetooth and bring it to EU.

  3. I would be tempted to get one for personal use if it had a front light and supported E-pub.

    • If it ran Android then I would have gotten one already. I might even have gotten one if it at least supported Epub. But as it is, I can’t justify the expense of just an Epub reader.

  4. I bit the bullet and got it. Didn’t like the price and lack of features. But I wanted something great for reading PDFs. The lack of e-reader options on the market designed specifically for PDFs pushed me to pull the trigger. No doubt when this technology matures, this thing will quickly become antiquated.

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