Infographic: How to Name Your Great American Novel

Everyone has a novel in them, as the saying goes – but we don’t always have the name as well. Don’t worry; the Electric Literature blog has your back.

They’ve come up with a foolproof method for naming the epic, ground-breaking literary novel you wrote during NaNoWriMo. All you have to do is use your initials to select a title fragment from each column. (If you have fewer or more than three initials in your name, add or skip extra selections from the latter columns.)

Based on my initials NWH, my Great American Novel would be called: The Inheritance of Woman, or the Whale.

I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, and that makes it a perfect title for my novel.

What is your novel going to be called?

how to name Your Big Important Novel infographic

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Meryl Yourish14 April, 2015

    Love this.

    The Brief Wondrous Love in Time.

    I’m so happy it was in time. The Brief Wondrous Love Too Late would be a tragedy.

  2. Michael Anderson14 April, 2015

    The Brief Wondrous Wind Up Bird As a Young Man

    So many possibilities … now I just need to write it! 🙂

  3. Well, since I am in need of a name for a dog in my current WIP I thought I could use this, but I don’t want the dog name based on ME. It needs to be based on the dog’s owner (biker). I think I’ll just ask at my blog.

    Now then. I need a name for the book. I wonder if I put in E (because I know the first part of the title as to be Executive to go with the series) what I’ll get…

  4. kariss15 April, 2015

    The Bluest Wife as a Young Man

  5. Syn15 April, 2015

    The bluest love on mango street. Sounds like an epic in the making!

  6. Sharon Reamer15 April, 2015

    Tropic of War of Loss. Huh? Makes no sense.

    They don’t have Bees in there anywhere. Need Bees in the title to have a bestseller.

  7. Joe Follansbee17 April, 2015

    The Road to Fury of the Spirits.

    I want the address first so I can Google it. Not sure about that neighborhood.

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