HTC Says Adverts Are Coming To BlinkFeed (You’ll Be Able To Opt Out)

HTC Says Adverts Are Coming To BlinkFeed (You'll Be Able To Opt Out) Advertising Aggregators HTC's response to Flipboard never made its way to other devices like we were promised in March of last year, and after today's news I am glad of that fact.

HTC announced on their blog today that they were adding a fun new update to their news reader app. According to Android Police, HTC is going to be running a pilot program in the US, UK, Germany, Taiwan, and China.

The adverts are going to be inserted between the content you actually want to read, rather than as a a pop-up or banner, and could include ads supplied by partners like Yahoo, Twitter, and Appia.  HTC also plans to spam you with promotions for new accessories for your mobile device or new HTC devices. As you can see in the screenshot at right, HTC's advert features the Re camera and includes an Buy Now button.

HTC says this program is just a test, and they're also promising that they will implement a way for targets subjects users to opt out.  So with luck this program won't be going anywhere. The company's general lack of smartphone sales might also kill this program, which is a shame because HTC could really use the boost to the bottom line (they're not selling very many devices).


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  1. Considering I have Blink Feed turned off anyway, this shouldn’t be a problem. Far as I’m concerned it is only a battery-killer.

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