Amazon Bumps No-Rush Shipping Credit to Two Dollars

3352195199_536ac2caea_bYou’re not using the Amazon’s slow shipping option, are you?

Amazon surely thinks that too many customers are too eager to get their items, because they’ve increased the mañana incentive.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting pings from search bots about Amazon’s No-Rush Shipping credit. The forums where coupon and bargain hunters congregate (Fatwallet, for example), have been abuzz with the news that Amazon has doubled the store credit offered to those customers who choose the slowest shipping option when placing an order on

I’m hearing that the increased credit is only being offered to Prime members.  They’re getting messages like this:

You are receiving this credit because you selected No-Rush Shipping on your recent Prime order. You can use this $2 credit towards eligible Kindle Books, MP3 downloads, or the rental or purchase of eligible movies or TV shows from Amazon Instant Video. To redeem your $2 credit, log on to or open the relevant app on your smart phone, tablet, e-reader, TV or streaming device. Click “Buy” or “Rent” on an eligible item and we’ll automatically apply the credit at checkout.

Amazon has offered a one dollar slow shipping incentive for the longest time, and last September they expanded the offer so you could use the credit towards the purchase of Kindle ebooks.

And now Amazon has doubled the credit they’re giving away.  I can’t tell you how long Amazon has been offering the bonus, but I do know that it only started showing up a few weeks ago in the forums I watch.

Have you used the credit recently? Now that it covers the cost of a lot of ebooks, I am tempted to do so.

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  1. Michael Alan Peck19 June, 2015

    I use it all the time, so having them double it to two bucks is great news for me. Over the years, I’ve gone from being a books-and-music customer to buying all sorts of items in bulk that I no longer have to carry from the supermarket. Since most, if not all, of it is stuff I don’t need in two days, it just means cheaper Kindle books and music.

  2. Meryl Yourish19 June, 2015

    I use it when I’m not overly eager to get my product. Totally worth it.

  3. Juli Monroe19 June, 2015

    I saw it for the first time yesterday. A couple of days ago I started to buy something and there was no No Rush offer. (Delayed purchase to find some more reviews.) I assumed the program was over. Then when I went to complete the order yesterday, the $2 offer was there. Glad I waited!

    I use the No Rush offer all the time for things I don’t need quickly. Love it.

  4. Bridget McKenna19 June, 2015

    Another enthusiastic shipment delayer here. Free e-book money, and often enough my stuff arrives in two or three days anyway.

  5. Common Sense19 June, 2015

    That’s great news! I use it all the time.

  6. anotherdigitalreaderfan19 June, 2015

    Anyone know how to buy a small item that does not qualify for free shipping? I am willing to pay for shipping but never get the option to choose shipping. Cart just says you must add so many more dollar amount of items. I’m not on prime and am talking about stuff sold and shipped from AMZ not third party. Seems like 3 dollar and under items give me this but still not luck buying just one item. Thanks in advance.

    1. Nate Hoffelder20 June, 2015

      I don’t know if this will help, but Amazon has a search for “under three dollars”.you can also try under two dollars.

      Did that help you find anything useful/

  7. DebbyS20 June, 2015

    I’m not a prime member, but I do order from Amazon from time to time. This last Wednesday I decided to make an order. it would be shipped in two parts (that’s okay, that made sense), and I chose normal shipping (hoping they’d use UPS) though I could have chosen free. But when the order was complete, they told me things wouldn’t ship until the 24th. Of JULY. I was ordering on June 17, and delivery was estimated to be +5 WEEKS later, between July 24 and Aug 1… I can only imagine their computers suddenly couldn’t read the calendar. The items I wanted were not strange and hard to find. So I canceled the order immediately and will buy locally the things I can. Why didn’t I do this anyhow? 100-degree days (i.e., summer is here) and long bus rides. Maybe if I were a prime member, the shipping would have been only three weeks later.

    1. Syn20 June, 2015

      If you had to wait 5 weeks, something in your order obviously wasn’t in stock.

      2 dollars is a good deal. I can see this getting abused. I order five items but decide to order them separately (and not at the same time to alert Amazon that I’m abusing the system) and at 2 a piece thats 10 dollars back on 5 items. I’m usually to impatient and need my things like yesterday, but I could totally see this type of scenario play out. Especially if you order a lot through the month.

  8. Shelly Thinker13 August, 2015

    Baa aa aa aaa aaaaaa


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