UnReview: Boyue T62 6″ Android eReader

UnReview: Boyue T62 6" Android eReader Reviews Boyue might not be well-known outside of the hard-core ereader community, but in that sphere it is making a name for itself. Over the past several years it has released several ereaders, including (by mid-2015) several models which run Android.

The T62 is the second of the two Android ereaders, and it was released in September 2014 (several months after the T61). I had intended to post a review in the first few weeks but let my self be delayed by other devices, more important issues, and life in general.

Then I just put it aside, before picking it up again in May 2015.  I had planned to write a review as a way of prepping for the Onyx Boox i86ML, but then I put the T62  aside again.

As I sit here writing this post in July 2015, I've come to the conclusion that for some undefinable reason I don't like this device. I can't put it into words, but I really don't care for it. I don't hate it - that I would be able to express.

This is not a bad ereader. I can't recommend buying one but if you got stuck with one then I would honestly say you could do worse.

In many ways the T62 is a much improved update to the T61 (which I liked). It is heavier and slightly larger, and it has a better frontlight and smoother design. And it runs Android 4.2 on a dual-core CPU, giving it a lot of power and the option to install 3rd-party reading apps.

But I don't like it. I guess the best word to express my feeling would be meh, and so I am posting this incomplete unreview.

Maybe I'll like it more after I hack it?

There's a small community of Boyue hackers on MobileRead. They've put out several modified firmwares, and I'm sure there's one for the T62.

I'm going to look into the possibility, and if I find something interesting I will post it.


Where to Buy

Last fall you could find the Boyue T62 at Banggood (China), but it is currently out of stock. Energy Sistem (Spain) has rebranded the T62 as the eReader Pro. And I think Icarus had this model for a time before they upgraded to the next model (with a Carta E-ink screen).


  • Screen - 6" Pearl HD E-ink Display
  • Screen Resolution - 1024 x 758
  • Frontlight, Capacitive touchscreen
  • CPU: 1GHz dual-core Rockchip
  • GPU: Mali-400MP
  • RAM: 512MB
  • OS: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • Storage: 8GB (6.7GB available)
  • Wifi
  • Ports: microUSB, headphone
  • Dimensions: 160 x 123 x 8.5 mm
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18 Comments on UnReview: Boyue T62 6″ Android eReader

  1. Name (Required) // 4 July, 2015 at 5:26 pm // Reply

    From what I have read Boyue T61 and T62 have problem with keeping charge. They last significantly less than non-Android readers.

    Energy Sistem eReader Pro is supposed to have firmware tuned better with regard to battery performance.

    I have been looking into buying one of those as a replacement for my PocketBook that I damaged.
    PocketBooks ain’t what they used to be but when I am looking for a replacement I always find serious downsides on their competitors 😉

    • Perhaps the first thing I should try is to fix the battery life issue by installing a 3rd-party app.

    • So I’ve been messing with the battery issue today.

      The T62 had no battery issue after I installed Deep Sleep. It goes to sleep abd wajes up with almost no battery loss. The T61 did continue to have a problem but then I optimized the process (I told it to kill 4 apps). That fixed the T61’s battery life issue.

      I don’t see why anyone was having an issue. The same solution I use for Android tablets worked on the ereaders.

  2. Android is a terrible OS for e-readers. It’s a bad OS to start with but really shows how bad it is on e-readers.

    • Depends on the version and fine tuning.
      From rooting my Sony PRS-T1 with Android 2.2 (or 2.3?) and disabling processes I remember that there where telephony, scheduling, Adress-Book and maybe Blue-tooth configured, and running (more or less), but that are all process which should be disabled or not even start, having not hardware for it.
      This might be the same for readers with a newer Andoid Version, I guess.

      Without further tweaking (file-system format for more install space) I was able to install a calculator, most other programs I wanted took too much space. But to be able to install additional programs for certain tasks (Kindle, Calculator, Notebook, Clipboard?) would be nice, so I cannot really say that Android is a bad OS for an eBook-Reader.

    • Good or bad, it’s the OS everyone is using. And having it on ereaders gives us more options.

  3. the only terrible downside i see is jellybean, a resource hog os, if this is new device i wonder what was stopping them from using kitkat

  4. You may have to deactivate Cell Standby and Phone Idle processes. On a Nook ST, you have to do this manually (delete/freeze/rename apk). Search for it for Nook ST and battery drain. The Boyue should have this fixed out of the box. *Shrugs* A deep-sleep app will fix most of it anyway.

  5. It’s great until you try to use it. Banggood’s product description includes this:

    “The LCD screen is very fragile so that a little external force can broke it. (like key hits, someone sit on it)
    Artificially damaged is not within the scope of warranty.”

    Mine broke in an otherwise empty backpack from being jostled on a bus. It’s a tacky company that tries to pass off their bad engineering as the consumer’s problem. Pass on this.

  6. my boyue t62+ has awful battery life too, and deep sleep or another battery management app has done really nothing to extend the life. It lasts about 3 days or less. The only solution is really to turn it off when not in use.

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