The iPhone 6 Plus is Blowing Up in Hong Kong – Literally

With nearly 100 million sold since launch, the iPhone 6 is a hot commodity, and for one iPhone owner that has taken on a literal meaning.

Apple Daily reports that one iPhone 6 plus owner in Hong Kong was briefly able to cook an egg on her smartphone. The owner, surnamed Tsang, said that her authentic iPhone was charging on the Apple-supplied cable and power supply when it exploded:

The iPhone 6 Plus is Blowing Up in Hong Kong - Literally e-Reading Hardware humor


The owner reported that she had plugged in the iPhone around 1 am on Saturday to charge it and left it on the nightstand next to her bed. She was awakened around 8 am local time by a huge bang and saw the phablet on fire.

Tsang plans to seek compensation from Apple.

We have no explanation as to why the iPhone exploded, but it is worth noting that these events are so rare that each one makes the headlines (Apple is always good for clickbait). Often times the failure can be attributed to poorly-made knockoffs but curiously, this is not the first time that a user has said that they were using authentic components and not knockoffs. While we can't judge from this distance whether this owner is telling the truth, it's not outside the realm of possibility.



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  1. The user may claim to be using official components, but at least in similar cases it involved using 3rd party components (like chargers).

  2. “authentic iPhone”

    In China. The counterfeiting capital of the world.

    Sure buddy, sure it’s authentic… we totally believe you…

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