TeXet TB-578 8″ in Russia

With price tags around $250, the Pocketbook InkPad and the Onyx Boox i86 are two very expensive options should you want an ereader with a plus-sized screen, but they're not the only options on the market. The Russian gadget maker Alkotel has unveiled the teXet TB-578 in Russia. This 8" ereader only costs about half as much as the Inkpad or the i86, but it is also only half as good.

TeXet TB-578 8" in Russia e-Reading Hardware

The teXet TB-578 runs a proprietary firmware on an unknown CPU with 4GB storage and a microSD card slot, and it sports a lower resolution "knockoff" epaper screen from E-ink's Chinese competitor Ghanzhou. That display has a screen resolution of 1024 x by 768, far lower than the InkPad's screen (1,600 x 1,200).

The TB-578 is also lacking a frontlight or touchscreen (one was specifically left out; the other is simply not mentioned) and there's no mention in the press release of Wifi.

But the TB-578 does make up for the hardware limitations. It launched today in Russia with a price tag of 7490 rubles, or about $128. So while it might not be able to do much, it also doesn't cost much, either.

The TB-578 is the 3rd 8 inch ereader from Alkotel; they're only available in Russia (which is why I forget to mention them when writing about the 8" ereaders available in Europe or the US).

If I could get it, I would not. The screen resolution is not high enough, the software too limited, and I've heard that the knockoff screens are lower in quality than E-ink's own screens.

But it is cheaper.


  • Screen: 8" epaper display
  • Resolution: 768 x 1024, 16 shades of gray
  • Storage: 4GB internal, microSD card slot
  • No Touchscreen or Frontlight
  • Support text formats: DOC, DJVU, TXT, PDF, EPUB, PDB, FB2, HTML, RTF, MOBI, CHM, PRC
  • Dimensions: 211 x 152 x 9 mm
  • Weight: 265g


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6 Comments on TeXet TB-578 8″ in Russia

  1. Banggood just listed the 8″ onyx e-reader. But it’s the one with no front light.

  2. Where did you get the front light model?

  3. For a different perspective, compare the specs for the TeXet TB-578 8? and the Kindle Basic.

    Screen size
    TeXet TB-578 8″
    Kindle Basic 6″

    TeXet TB-578 1024X768
    Kindle Basic 800X600

    TeXet TB-578 No (?)
    Kindle Basic Yes

    TeXet TB-578 No
    Kindle Basic No

    TeXet TB-578 $128
    Kindle Basic $79

    Regarding touchscreen or not, I am agnostic- screen size would be more important to me.

    As I have a lot of PDF documents, screen size is important for me.

    It appears to me that in getting a bigger screen with better resolution and with EPUB with the TeXet TB-578 compared to the Kindle Basic, the argument could be made that the TeXet TB-578 is as good a value or a better value than the Kindle Basic.

    One problem with the above argument is durability. The Kindle Basic has a brand with a reputation for durability and also good customer service. I have no idea how durable the TeXet TB 578 is. I would assume that customer service would be nonexistent for the TeXet TB-578, coming from thousands of miles away. If the durability is good, the quality of customer service would be irrelevant. Unfortunately I have read reviews of a number of “off-brand” 8″ e-readers where there have been numerous complaints about screen durability.

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