Scribd Updates Its App for iPad & iPhone, Still Doesn’t Know What It’s Going to Do With Librify

scribd[1]Scribd is catching up with the technical requirements of streaming multiple kinds of content from a single app, but they’re still stumbling over how to run their business.

Scribd rolled out a new update today for its iOS app which improves the reading and listening experience. The new app has more informative book pages and better recommendations for first-time readers, and Scribd has added a queuing feature that gets the next book in the series lined up right when you finish the prior volume.

Scribd has also tweaked the playback experience so the audiobook chapter transitions are seamless, and they fixed a bug which was causing audiobooks to disappear from the app.

The Scribd app is free in iTunes. The Android app is not showing as having been updated.


3605011903_3595edf7e5_bIn related news, Scribd does not yet know what it will do with the customer accounts it acquired when Scribd bought Librify last month.

Librify was a startup which had been launched with the idea of offering a book club with attached ebookstore. It couldn’t figure out the book club idea but it was selling ebooks, and Scribd isn’t quite sure what it will do with the existing customer accounts.

I asked last night, and Scribd was unable to say whether Librify’s customers (all 42 of us) will see our books transferred to Scribd’s servers, or get a credit for the purchases, or what have you.

I’m not that attached to the nine books I bought from Librify, and had the startup simply vanished in the night I would have muttered a mild curse and moved on.  But this limbo state, on the other hand, is irritating. We’re waiting on information which, as a rule, is usually announced with the acquisition.

And now it’s a month later, and we’re still stuck in limbo. Is anyone else stuck in limbo with me?

image by JD Hancock

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  1. Tim Wilhoit29 July, 2015

    “they’re still stumbling over how to run their business.”

    Not being pedantic (just snarky), but you misspelled “ruin.” 😉

    1. Nate Hoffelder29 July, 2015


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