Six Inch Nook eReader Clears the FCC, 8″ Cases Show Up on B&N Website

Barnes-Noble-Nook-Simple-Touch-with-GlowLight-vs[1]I need to issue a correction for my prediction earlier this week that B&N would soon be launching a new Nook device.

I was wrong; Barnes & Noble will be launching two models in the next couple weeks.

A new filing on the FCC’s website has revealed that B&N has a new Nook. All the more interesting details have been concealed, but we do know that this device is clearly labeled an ereader. It has Wifi (but not BT), and from the dimensions it is also clear that this is a 6″ ereader, and not the 8″ model I reported on Sunday.

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Based on the model number (BNRV510-A), this is a replacement for the Nook Glowlight, which launched in late 2013. The new model is made by Netronix (an ereader OEM and partner to Kobo). It’s going to be a little smaller than its predecessor, and that’s about all I know at this time.

In related news, the B&N website is now showing several product listings for cases for 8″ Nook devices (here, here, here). The listings lack details and images, but they do lend credence to my earlier report.

I still lack specific details on the new devices, but we won’t have to wait long. B&N is set to have the new devices in store by 3 September, so the longest we’ll have to wait is another week.

Clarification: B&N stores are scheduled for a reset on 3 September. This may or may not involve new devices.


Thanks, Dave!

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  3. BJ Wanlund27 August, 2015

    I’m personally looking forward to seeing a new eInk reader from B&N! Hopefully these new Nook eReaders will be better than the Nook GlowLight (and from what I saw of the demo units, a touch more reliable than the GlowLight), and hopefully they’ll be reasonably cheap (and cheaper for B&N members? Please?)

  4. rtfkjn27 August, 2015

    Oh, a new 6″ eReader. Yet another one. I guess, that’s what all world must have been waiting for. I don’t expect to be impressed when the actual specs will be reavealed.

  5. Gbm27 August, 2015

    I would be surprised if they have the ability to side load ebooks not purchased from B&N.

  6. rtfkjn27 August, 2015

    Hm, I cannot spell anymore. Off to bed.

  7. Suzatm28 August, 2015

    I too am very excited at the news of a new ereader from BN. I have the 2013 Glowlight and I do like it however I would like to have a device with higher resolution . My BN library is very large. The Nook was my first ever ereader. I want BN to stay successful so I can read all of my books LOL.

  8. beth28 August, 2015

    Who made the old simple touch? It is still my favorite ereader, and I have had them all, kindles, kobos, sonys, etc. I hope the new one is better than the current model.

    1. Nate Hoffelder28 August, 2015

      The older models were designed by B&N’s team. A Chinese OEM was hired to make the devices.

      I think this time around B&N simply bought a Netronix design, and put their brand on it.

  9. Troll28 August, 2015

    Any chance that they can be on Mobius

  10. Troll28 August, 2015


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  12. Medium Punch28 August, 2015

    Nope. Not buying in! One day I might repair my Simple Touch’s btoken screen–or sell it for parts. But B&N’s digital front has burned me way to many times to ever bother with them any further beyond trying to remove DRM locks for friends & family.

  13. Frank28 August, 2015

    More new ereaders from B&N is a great sign, even if they are using a partner to do it.

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  16. Liz31 August, 2015

    I hope it is true about an 8 inch ereader. I’m glad B&N has not completely abandoned the hardware side of the business.

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