PoopFiction Picks the Perfect Prose For Your Bathroom Break

There are at least a dozen apps that can help you find your next read when you're on the go, and now there's a site that can help you find a story while you're on the porcelain throne.

PoopFiction is a mobile site that promises to find you a story that will last as long as your time on the toilet. The stories are pulled from Project Gutenberg, and are all in the public domain, and the site offers a simple interface with only a few options:

PoopFiction Picks the Perfect Prose For Your Bathroom Break e-Reading Software

This is a fun idea, but is it really going to see much use?

I mean, a dedicated reader will either have a book, ereader, smartphone, or another reading device when they're going in to the restroom anyway (unless they're the sanitary types that leave the gadgets outside). Any reading device will have a cornucopia of reading material (and possibly also other distractions like Twitter and Facebook), so there's not much use for a site like PoopFiction.


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  1. Why is the little guy in the illustration wearing panty hose?

  2. Nah, definitely panty hose. (Since this is obviously the most important point of this article, we need to get it right.)

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