Silk Web Browser Updated With New Look

Amazon's Fire tablet weren't the only tech to get a refresh today; the retailer has also released a new version of its Silk web browser for Fire tablets.

Update: Amazon officially released a new version of Silk in early December.

There's been no announcement from Amazon, but earlier today Fire owners on MobileRead and elsewhere started reporting a radical new look for the Silk web browser. The black and dark gray color scheme is gone, and in its place you'll find a new white and light blue-gray theme.

It looks like this:

Silk Web Browser Updated With New Look Fire Web Browser The Fire Phone has not received the update, but given that it already had a very different interface that is to be expected.

I have not had a chance to use the new Silk much and report on the differences, but Amazon says that they've made it more convenient to add and find bookmarks. The new version of Silk also better supports having multiple tabs open at once.

I think the second new feature could refer to the way that tabs now scroll off the left and right edges of the screen. I do believe that's new, although I can't confirm that first hand (I never had very many tabs open in Silk).

Have you found anything new?

What do you think of the change?

Edit: Many readers are unhappy with the change, but alas Amazon has nor provided a reversion option. Have you considered one of the alternative browsers? Firefox, Opera, and Dolphin can all be installed on the Fire tablet.


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38 Comments on Silk Web Browser Updated With New Look

  1. I’d rather they improved speed and stability.
    Especially under low storage space conditions.
    As is it is as bad as Chrome.

  2. Can no longer maintain what links show on home screen, shows a hodgepodge of recent links. I do like that bookmarks are easier to find. The full screen features is great for the things it recognizes as a video. No longer remembers to keep pages in desktop view and toggles on mobile view when I leave the page.

  3. The new update is horrible. How can I get the old one? I cannot use this, it’s awful.

  4. The former layout of Silk was excellent, because its black background with white text fitted and complimented the whole Kindle Fire hdx design in a most stylish manner. The white & grey text layout seems rough and basic and does not look pretty at all. It makes me want to search for other Kindle-friendly browsers that pay more attention to aesthetic. Whatever the functionality improvement, I chose Kindle Fire hdx for its stylish and refined looks. Silk’s new update is not an improvement.
    Bookmarks are maybe a bit more accessible, but I liked the full colour mini-icons of my favourite pages. Listen to your customers, Amazon/Kindle, or they will find better substitute browsers.


  6. OMG, Save to Reading Listing button has dissappeared…How can I Save it?

  7. I hate this new update. I am finding it incredibly hard to save images just to send one to my friend. I have to go into the actual page where the image is, and even then when I try to save it from there it doesn’t show up in my saved photos. If anyone else is having this problem and/or knows how to fix it, please help me. And this problem just came with the update.

    • I’m having a similar problem. When I got the updated I was excited to see what it’d be like. Truly disappointed with the photo albums. I went to my downloads and saw that have of my picture didn’t show up or were covered by an x. Every time I ‘re download the picture OR download new ones, they also will be deleted I am annoyed by this and would like Amazon to fix this.

  8. Yes, it seems they removed the feature where you could save an image from a website by “long touching” it and then selecting Save Image from the pop up menu. Very aggravating.

  9. “I see an option for “download image”. Is that the same thing?”

    Yes, it works the same as “save image.”

  10. What happened to “Find in Page” in the 3dot pop up menu where Share is?? How can you remove such an important feature?? Other than this, it seems like a faster stable upgrade with better video playback.

  11. I hate the new silk update… formerly very stable kindle has now become a nuisance as it freezes all time and the only way to fix it is with a reboot which never was needed previously ……is there a way to go back to the old version? This new one is not worth the hassle and was obviously not well tested before it was forced on all of us

  12. Is there a way to set bookmarks to display by title (like they used to)? I find it terribly annoying to select this option every time. I much prefer the old Silk version. Please don’t be like Microsoft – new versions annually so our operating systems quickly become obsolete.

  13. I also agree with Greg. Since the update, my Kindle HDX freezes and must be re-booted multiple times during each use.

  14. I want to add my name to those who hate the new silk update. Please reset pronto.

  15. There used to be a left AND a right arrow on the right hand side of screen.

    What happened to the right arrow?!!!!

    I do not like the change or the new look. I want the option of undoing it.

  16. I can’t find the full screen option have they done away with it or hidden it somewhere, also have to keep reversing to desktop as everything comes up mobile now. I hate the new version and want the old one back. Seriously thinking of ditching Kindle now and getting something else.

  17. I too hate the new Silk browser. Now my Kindle HDX freezes up and web pages are slow to load. This is not an improvement!

  18. I despise the new update also, I have never had my kindle freeze up constantly until the new update, I have maydayed twice, they only do a refresh…, then the problem continues… I asked if I could get their update removed, they said they could not remove it…from a former lover of kindle, now thinking of Apple iPad, with reader app….help, if anyone can tell me how to remove the update?

  19. I hate the update. It looks like I will now get rid of my kindle fire and maybe get an iPad.

  20. ta talked to amazon via mayday re my kindle fire hdx they took away the reader but they are going to return it he said it will be improved he could not give me back the old browser the bookmark thing is worse its a downgrade not an upgrade to me can someone tell me what is IMPROVED

  21. I am considering getting the 10 inch fire now not so much

  22. I don’t know why everyone hates the new update. I personally love the new look of silk. Not to mention how much faster it is now. I also don’t know all these reports of freezing. My kindle never froze once since the update, but from the sound to it a majority of them are. Well for those of you with freezing problems, I would recommend just getting a new kindle. And if that doesn’t fix it, just get a new tablet altogether. I don’t know how to help you with that one.

  23. I also haven’t experienced any freezing, but I immediately noticed how much faster the new browser is. It’s very minimal, which is keeping with current aesthetics so tech sites love the update. The only serious issues I see with it are lack of “find in page” and reader view. Those two are key features and I can’t understand why they would ever remove them.

  24. Not to just march along with everyone else and say I hate this version. But I can’t help myself. I hate this version.

  25. I dont like the new update. Its missing to many features, like save to reading list, i cant find image search, going straight to mobile sites even though i’m requesting desktop sites. Its definitly a downgrade. I cant see any improvement in speed and the layout looks so basic and tacky

  26. I loved it…but then it was accidentally deleted.. now it’s back to pre update status. 🙁

  27. I can’t stand the fact that there is no more full screen, I use full screen to read a lot and now it really bothers me to see other open tabs at the top of the screen while I’m trying to read something online.

  28. Silk browser update sucks…
    Just a piece of crap my kindle freezes so many times.
    I think i will just get rid of my amazon kilndle

  29. New update looks terrible, can we have the old look back? Haven’t got to the point of it freezing yet but the previous comments are hardly inspiring. Can’t see why they would change the aesthetic so drastically, just looks depressing now.

  30. I just received the “new” update this morning. I can’t believe my open tabs are gone. They were there. Now they’re gone that quickly. I remember better with what pages I need to go back and visit with open tabs rather than the Bookmarks page. Next year, I’m seriously thinking of getting an iPad Mini after this. When they need to have updates (ex. tumblr), they don’t. If I see the tumblr app with grandpa telling me this app is old and needs to be updated one more time, I’m gonna scream. Yet, Amazon goes and do updates that isn’t the best, and nobody really wants.

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