B&N Readouts Delivers Excerpts to Your Nook App

B&N Readouts Delivers Excerpts to Your Nook App Barnes & Noble e-Reading Software With B&N's new Nook Glowlight Plus due to be revealed to the public some time in the next month or so, the retailer has turned its attention to boosting sales.

To that end, Barnes & Noble has launched a new discovery feature today called B&N Readouts. Update your mobile device with the latest versions of the Nook app for Android, iPhone, or iPad and you will enjoy a new opportunity to browse snippets of books.

B&N Readouts is a new section of the app where B&B algorithmically recommends books and news articles for you to try.  You can limit the recommendations to your preferred genres, and easily scroll through the recommendations. If you see one that interests you, you can read a snippet which is about 2 iPad screens in length and takes from one to five minutes to read. If you like what you've read, you can share the snippet or you can download a longer sample.

There's more info on the B&N website.

It's an interesting concept, but I think Amazon did it better when they added the Book Browser section to the iOS app last December. This let you browse through all the samples in the Kindle Store, and not just snippets. It also has a much better name, but it doesn't have the news articles you might find in B&N Readouts.

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  1. I actually like the feature. I have a found a few books to add to my wishlist, as if I needed more to add to it. It nice when you are in between books or don’t have time to really get into a book you are currently reading but have a few minutes to kill.

  2. The Nook app for iOS updated yesterday with ‘support for iOS9’, and indeed, it joins iBooks and BookShout in the list of Slide Over/Split Screen-capable reading apps. Unfortunately it appears nobody bothered to test these features before pushing it to the Appstore. It’s completely unusable in Slide Over mode (text does not reflow into the narrow viewport, so you cannot actually read anything in that mode) and it has major layout problems transitioning to and from Split Screen mode (have to go back to Library view and re-open to get things to correct the layout issues).

    Still waiting to see some other reading apps add iOS9 support (correctly), as well as productivity tools like Evernote, Chrome, etc. All of Microsoft’s apps support SO/SS but I would have expected Kindle to do so by now.

  3. I have admit the B&N app interface is slick (probably the best) but lacks functionality. It is buggy (e.g. add a sideloaded book to a shelf and try opening it) and sharing/saving an excerpt or note from a sideloaded book. B&N are more interested in locking you in their content and are not that interested in making their firmware work across all content. Amazon offer great functionality with your personal docs and even syncs it across devices and saves all your notes and highlights too.

    • @ Basem, @ Tom

      Well that’s disappointing.

      When I read the press release this morning, I thought B&N was making a real effort. Now it is apparent that B&N is still making only a token attempt at ebooks. They don’t care enough to add a new feature and make sure iOS 9 is supported properly. That just costs too much.

  4. Of course, we do not know how many other iOS 9 or other related issues they actually fixed, and which might have been even more serious (some of the reviews reference iPhone 6s/6s+ issues, which are apparently fixed now).

    Kobo app just updated. No Slide Over or Split Screen yet, just ‘bug fixes and general improvements’. Google Translate supports split view. Progress.

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