Amazon Bumps No-Rush Shipping Credit to $5.99

amazon-logo3For the past several years Amazon has offered a financial incentive to customers who chose the slowest shipping option. This one- or two-dollar credit could be used to buy books or ebooks, or instant videos.

I’ve never made use of the credit but with the latest change to the program I just might.

A reader has tipped me to the news that Amazon has once again increased the credit to $5.99, while at the same time the retailer has also restricted it so that it now only applies to items sold in Prime Pantry:


Prime Pantry is Amazon’s program to get you to order consumable and comestibles. The selection is limited to more or less what you would find in a supermarket, and each order shipped in a standardized box with a flat $5.99 fee. Target offers a similar program.

prime pantryThe $5.99 credit is in fact not a new development but a periodic change that Amazon has made at least twice this year. This is the first I’ve noticed, but it has been noted on MobileRead that Amazon has offered this credit in March and in July of this year.

The $5.99 credit was subsequently replaced with the $1 credit, which means Amazon is offering both credits in rotation.

Thanks, John!

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Greg Weeks8 November, 2015

    They’ve been doing this Prime Pantry credit off and on for several months now. I don’t actually have any use for it, so I’ve never taken slow shipping while they were offering it.

  2. Jack9 November, 2015

    Thanks for the tip here, I didn’t aware there’s such an offer too. I may try to split multiple items into multiple orders, so to get the credit a few times, see if it’s possible…

  3. Purple lady9 November, 2015

    Prime Pantry charges $5.99 for shipping so the credit isn’t for items in Prime Pantry, its for shipping. Splitting into multiple orders or keeping in one order will give the same overall cost.

  4. Vonda Z9 November, 2015

    I hate it when they do that. I don’t have any interest in Prime Pantry, so I never waive the 2-day shipping with that offer. But I always use the $1 credit on digital purchases (ebooks and video). I was hoping to be able to build a nice discount doing my holiday shopping, but it looks like I will be using the 2-day shipping instead.

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