Google Play Books’ Night Light Feature Makes It Easier To Read At Night

Google's rolling out an update this week for its ebook app for iOS and Android that just may make it more pleasant to read in the evening. According to the announcement, the Google Play Books 3.7.45 update adds Night Light, Google's solution to the problem of reading late at night.

As we all remember from Amazon's launch of the Blue Shade light filter on the Fire tablets a few weeks back, staring at an LCD screen late at night harms your sleeping patterns. Years and years of research have shown that the blue light emitted from the screen causes the most harm, which is why there are  apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad which remove the blue light, leaving screens looking yellow and read.

Google Play Books' Night Light Feature Makes It Easier To Read At Night e-Reading Software Google Books

And now we can add Google Play Books to the list. Its Night Light automatically adjusts the screen on your smartphone or tablet to match the local time of day.

The feature is coming to both the Android app and iOS app, and we're supposed to be able to find the new apps in Google Play and iTunes (I don't see them). The update will be rolled out to all users, but if you don't want to wait for the Android app, Android Police has uploaded a copy.

Once you've updated the app, just open it and you'll be prompted to enable Night Light.

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3 Comments on Google Play Books’ Night Light Feature Makes It Easier To Read At Night

  1. Al the Great and Powerful // 16 December, 2015 at 9:52 am // Reply

    Do Not Want! I’ll make my own decision about my sleep patterns, thank you… I seriously do NOT want anybody messing with screen colors without my direction.

  2. Al, it looks that feature can be easily disabled.

  3. Don’t like it but want it back to normal!

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