FlexEnable Shows Off Flexible AMOLED Prototype in Video

Shiftwear would have you think that they can wrap a flexible epaper screen around a $150 pair of sneakers, but as the latest demo video from Flexenable (nee Plastic Logic) shows, flexible screen tech is still more a lab experiment than a practical product.

A few months back FlexEnable and screen maker Chunghwa Picture Tube (CPT) demonstrated a full-color flexible AMOLED display that uses FlexEnable’s OTFT backplane, and this week FlexEnable released a promo video which shows the display in action.

This display is obviously a prototype (which you can probably guess from the many defects). It refreshes at 60Hz and is only 125 microns (0.125 mm) thick, so even though it is only a prototype it’s still a great demo of what could one day be a reality (just not today).

Past Flexenable prototypes include a flexible LCD screen developed with Merck, and wearables, but no actual products. This is in keeping with Flexenable’s reputation (and Plastic Logic, before it) for the amazing new concept, but never the world-changing product.


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  1. jjj20 December, 2015

    Make the distinction between flexible and foldable (can survive being bent lots of times).
    The Edge series,Priv,some watches do use flexible screens.
    Here a poor quality video with the Note 4 Edge screen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keROoW6NMc0

  2. […] (nee Plastic Logic) has been showing off increasingly sophisticated flexible E-ink, LCD, and AMOLED screens. And now The Verge reports that at MWC this week FlexEnable has is showing off a screen […]


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