London Trials E-ink Bus Signs

e-ink bus schedule street sign visionectE-ink screen have low power requirements and are sunlight readable, making them idea for use as smart street signs. Now the tech is getting put to the test at scale.

Transport for London (TfL) has begin installing new bus signs at a small number of bus stops.

The signs have E-ink screens and offer timetables, route maps, and real-time travel info which the signs download over 3G. The screens used in these signs are based on a platform developed by Visionect, an E-ink partner based in Slovenia. They are about the same size as a conventional bus stop sign, and feature colorful buttons which change the contents of the screen or illuminate it.

Several tweets show the signs in place, including a night shot which confirms that the signs are frontlit. According to Technoframes, the company that designed and built the sign units, the first sign was installed in mid-November. Six addition E-ink bus signs will be installed next year as part of a systems test which will give TfL a better idea of the idea’s viability.


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  1. Niels Have25 December, 2015

    They are also rolling out e-ink bus signs in Copenhagen. The ones I’ve seen so far are beautiful, and offer way more information than the regular signs 🙂

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